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Where The Canadiens Are Expected To Pick In 2023 NHL Draft



Montreal Canadiens mock draft

The Montreal Canadiens now have a sense of where they’ll be picking in the 2023 NHL Draft, but it’s not yet sealed in stone.

After the NHL Draft Lottery, the Canadiens now know that they’ll be picking 5th overall in the 2023 NHL Draft, allowing them to get another key asset to help them in their rebuild.

However, they still don’t know where their second 1st-round pick, acquired from the Florida Panthers, will end up… at least officially.

The Panthers have a commanding 3-0 series lead over the Carolina Hurricanes, meaning they’re one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

If the Carolina Hurricanes are able to mount a comeback and take the series, Florida’s pick would remain at 29th overall. However, if Florida were to punch their ticket to the Finals, the pick would fall to 31st or 32nd overall, depending on the outcome.

NHL betting odds are currently leaning toward the pick sliding down further to 31st or 32nd, as the Panthers are now -122 favourites to take the series.

Beyond the first round, the Montreal Canadiens have a very clear idea of where they’ll be picking throughout the rest of this draft.

They’ll have a relatively early pick in the second round with the coveted 37th overall pick, and again in third round with the 69th overall pick.

The Canadiens also have three 4th-round picks, two of which have been confirmed at 101st and 110th overall.

Their third 4th-round pick, which was acquired by the Vegas Golden Knights, is still yet to be confirmed, as the Golden Knights are currently duking it out with the Dallas Stars in the NHL Playoffs.

The Habs have a couple of picks in the fifth round; their own at 133rd overall, as well as that of the Calgary Flames at 144th overall.

Montreal then closes out the draft with the 165th pick in the sixth round, and the 197th pick in the seventh round.

Things Can Change In A Hurry

The chances that the Montreal Canadiens go into the 2023 NHL Draft with the same list that you see below is likely to be very low; as general manager Kent Hughes is looking to get aggressive leading up to June 28.

With veteran players being dangled in trades, and draft picks possibly being available for interesting hockey deals, the Habs are sure to be active.

They’re just waiting to see where all the chips fall before finally being able to have constructive conversations on all the assets available to them.

Buckle up folks, it’s about to get fun.

Rank (* Projected)Original Owner Of PickAcquisition Method
1st Round--
5th overallMontreal CanadiensOwned
29th overall*Florida PanthersTrade
2nd round--
37th overallMontreal CanadiensOwned
3rd Round--
69th overallMontreal CanadiensOwned
4th Round--
101st overallMontreal CanadiensOwned
110th overallPittsburgh PenguinsTrade
129th overall*Vegas Golden KnightsTrade
5th Round--
133rd overallMontreal CanadiensOwned
144th overallCalgary FlamesTrade
6th Round--
165th overallMontreal CanadiensOwned
7th Round--
197th overallMontreal CanadiensOwned

*For more NHL betting lines and futures, head over to FanDuel.

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