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Canadiens Could Trade Down At 2023 NHL Draft



Montreal Canadiens mock draft

The Montreal Canadiens are in a very interesting spot for the 2023 NHL Draft at 5th overall, and all options are on the table.

However, with the uncertainty revolving around Matvei Michkov, there could be some teams that will be willing to trade up to select Matvei Michkov, if he’s still available at that rank.

The Montreal Canadiens, who are likely looking to trade up themselves, could also explore the idea of trading down and recouping another asset, as a team like the Washington Capitals or Detroit Red Wings might not want to chance that a team ahead of them finally takes the risk in picking the explosive winger.

For the Canadiens, trading down could make some sense, as trading down from the 5th overall slot to the later part of the top 10 could return a very nice sweetener for the organization, such as a 1st-round pick.

Trading up into the top 10 is usually a very costly endeavour. The last time it happened was in 2008, when the Toronto Maple Leafs jumped from 7th to 5th in order to select Luke Schenn. Toronto paid a 2nd and 3rd-round pick to move up just two spots.

To move up three or more spots will likely require an additional 1st-round pick or a very interesting prospect in order to entice the Montreal Canadiens to make such a move; which then becomes interesting.

If a top forward or right-shot defensive prospect were included in the deal, it could allow the Canadiens to back up a few selections and pick one of David Reinbacher, Axel Sandin-Pellikka, Dalibor Dvorsky, Zach Benson or Ryan Leonard; three players they’d likely consider at 5th overall anyway.

Of course, a deal of this magnitude rarely happens in NHL Drafts, as top-five picks haven’t been traded on the draft floor in 15 years, but there hasn’t been another player like Matvei Michkov in his current situation, so the possibilities are as high as they’ve ever been.

Ideally, the Canadiens take the plunge and shoot for the best player available. If Michkov is still on the board at 5th overall, then he is that player, but, if the Canadiens still aren’t convinced about getting him over to North America in an optimal fashion, trading down would be the best alternative to get value for such a coveted pick.

MHN 2023 NHL Mock Draft: Pre-Lottery Edition

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Michkov will reveal alot when he gets interviewed directly by managers in Nashville. Until then it’s just pure speculation.


Michkov won’t be at the draft. I can’t imagine Russia letting him step on U.S. soil. They’re not going to risk him not coming back.


That will also tell us alot about Michkov’s situation. Until then everything said is just pure speculation.


He will be at the draft!

Marc Dumont

Yup, Michkov confirmed he’ll be there. I’ll have more on that tomorrow.


Wow. I’m very surprised by that. Can’t wait to see and hear this guy in person. Hopefully the Habs do a behind-the-scenes show again this year and we can see the interview.

Bev Seney

Well I assume he has family left over there. I doubt he would want to risk their safety.


I actually thought about this a couple of days ago…thanks for putting into words!

I absolutely would be interesting in trading down from that #5 pick, especially if Mich is available there. And I’d go directly to the next in line – Ariz. They already have Geekie and Cooley as centers incoming within the next 2 seasons. They NEED a top end winger and that’s a club that would have no issue waiting a couple of years on Mich…especially because they need time to find/build a legit area somewhere.

Swap picks with Ariz, and with their 6th pick, get Benson. Then we get another 3rd rd pick – or even a 2nd, for the swap. That’s even more ammo to make another deal to move up in the 1st rd to get either RDs Reinbacher or Pellikka.

I like it!!!


No lower than a 2nd to this. Habs need elite talent. I rather take the best available player than trade down unless they are going to give us one of their top 3 prospects or a young nhl star.


Trading down is stupid. But if we did, at the very least, the other team should have to take the full Armia contract off our hands as part of the deal.

We need to take mitchkov or if he’s gone, Will Smith. Otherwise you are completely wasting a lottery season. Hope a team or two go off the board and draft defencemen before us.

William O'Neill

If you watched any of the U18’s you have to be impressed with Will Smith. Simply dominating

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