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Canadiens Link To Dubois Resurfaces Following Jets Elimination



Montreal Canadiens trade target Dubois

The Montreal Canadiens have been tied to Pierre-Luc Dubois for quite some time now.

The current debate revolves around the concept of acquiring Dubois from the Jets this offseason or waiting until he’s an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Hockey Insider Elliotte Friedman once again mentioned the Canadiens and Dubois in the most recent 32 Thoughts Podcast.

“If there was any question it meant the end of this particular (Jets) core,” said Freidman, “This erases that doubt.”

Friedman was referring to head coach Rick Bowness’ short yet fiery press conference following the Jets’ early elimination by the Vegas Golden Knights in the 2022-23 playoffs.

“We had no pushback. Their better players were so much better than our players tonight and it’s not even close,” said Bowness. “They were the better team this series. We gotta push back. There has to be pride, when things aren’t going our way.”

The Jets have long been rumoured to have questionable leadership, and Bowness’ comments did nothing to dispel that notion. If anything, he confirmed the team is ready for a major overhaul.

You rarely hear a coach go off on his team with such poignant comments, especially in the NHL.

Bowness’ frustration signals there are likely to be significant changes going forward.

“Pierre-Luc Dubois is fascinating to me,” said Jeff Marek “I look at the obvious target, which is the Montreal Canadiens. Although I’m led to believe there are other teams Pierre-Luc Dubois is interested in going to. But we all remember the comments at the Draft, and we know the preferred destination is Montreal. If the Jets are really going down the rebuild route, it would really move things along quickly.”

It seems that regardless of Dubois’ intentions to eventually play in Montreal, teams were still interested in acquiring his services, even if they know he won’t be part of their long-term plans.

“I was told last year there was a team that was interested in acquiring Dubois for two years. They said ‘Even if he wants to go to Montreal, we’ll take him for two years, because we think we’re close, and we’ll do it.’Their leverage in this situation isn’t great, to begin with.”

As for the potential return if the Canadiens were to make an early move, Friedman did indeed mention Kirby Dach, but the scenario that he was exploring was something suggested to him rather than something of his own invention.

“I’ve had people say to me “It’s simple, you trade Dubois to Montreal and you ask for Dach.” I think if it were that simple, it would be done already, so I don’t think it’s that simple.”

Of course, the Canadiens would be taking two steps forward and one step back by losing one of their best possession players on the team simply to ensure Dubois would be in Montreal a year earlier than planned.

Frankly, it’s a foolish suggestion when you consider how important Dach is to the roster.

Friedman admits the Jets have little to no leverage, which may eventually facilitate deals involving some of their best players.

“Once you get to this point, the leverage flips to the player,” said Friedman. “Unless these players are willing to go somewhere where they’re going to sign, you try to make the best deal you can, I think that’s what Winnipeg is going to do here.”

The Canadiens should explore the cost, there’s no doubt that’s part of performing due diligence on every trade. But the idea that a core piece needs to be removed from the roster to acquire a player who is closer to a finishing touch in a lineup than a core piece doesn’t pass the sniff test.

The Canadiens are in no rush to kickstart their rebuild. And they’re certainly in no rush to move Kirby Dach.

Kent Hughes has made it clear that slow and steady wins the rebuild race.

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No way should they trade Dach for him. From what I’ve seen Dubois has an attitude problem and doesn’t seem to like the defensive zone. A trade like that IMO would be three steps back in the rebuild.


IMO Riley Kidney will step in to a center position in 2 yrs. Way cheaper on the cap and development is what they want. Providing everything works out , he would be long term So Nick, Kirby, Riley and Owen Beck down the line


where does Evans slot in???

M Stewart

Eventual trade bait?


Dubois is stinking garbage. In Winnipeg’s fire sale, Josh Morrissey looks good but he’s unfortunately a left-handed defenceman.

Last edited 1 month ago by CheliosForever

I wouldn’t trade Dach straight up for PLD.

M Stewart

Agreed! But I would trade Dach to the draft lottery winner.

Lou Guay

Game 5 of the Jets-Vegas series showcased Dubois’ too-often seen downside – disengaged and unmotivated. Why should the Habs trade for, and then sign, a player who brought so little to a must-win playoff game?
Someone will trade for him. Far better to let another team offer Dubois another chance to finally prove his worth.


Dubois is not the drone we are looking for.


Dach is a keeper

Curtis Ault

For as far as I can recall, all I’ve heard is that NHL players don’t want to come to Montreal. The weather is terrible during the season, the taxes are high, the media is intense, if they play poorly they suck in 2 languages, etc.
There is an opportunity to bring a 25 year old top six Centre/Left Wing, proven 60 plus point player to the Canadiens this summer and most everyone is complaining. Seems the way of this fan base, unfortunately.
Dach will not be part of the cost.


Edmonton is no better weather-wise nor lifestyle-wise than Montreal and yet they’ve attracted and continue to attract the most superstars this past half century with Gretzky, Messier, McDavid, Draisailt, Fuhr, Coffey, Kurri, etc… Your sob story about Montreal has no merit.

As for Dubois he is as impactful as a tissue paper in the rink. Is that the type of players you want playing for Montreal?


“attracted and continue to attract the most superstars this past half century with Gretzky, Messier, McDavid, Draisailt, Fuhr, Coffey, Kurri, etc”

.They were ALL drafted by Edmonton in the 80s and 2010s not Free Agents


All of them chose to play most if not all of their careers in Edmonton. Nobody was handcuffed in Edmonton. So Curtis’ sob story has no merit.

Curtis Ault

You are entitled to your opinion, you don’t like Pierre-Luc Dubois, fair enough. Not entirely sure you know the definition of sob story, though.

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