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Canadiens Fans Need Not Worry About The Upcoming Draft



Montreal Canadiens scouts

Much has been made about the Montreal Canadiens and their intentions regarding the 2023 NHL Draft Lottery.

We’ve heard rumours the team would not draft a player of Matvei Michkov’s ilk, to rumours insisting the Canadiens are preparing to draft a player of Michkov’s ilk, and everything in between.

Of course, memories of Alex Galchenyuk and Jesperi Kotkaniemi loom over the franchise like a frustrated cloud, reminding the team and the fans about the pitfalls involved in selecting the wrong player.

And while it’s perfectly normal for fans of a team that has a history of making questionable choices when they’re given a top 5 Draft pick, it’s also worth evaluating the latest crop of prospects to get a better idea of the modus operandi of the organization when it comes time to restock the prospect cupboard.

Yes, Juraj Slafkovsky’s rookie season was incredibly tumultuous, and you could even go as far as saying it was a failure in terms of development, but you’d be hard-pressed to blame Slafkovsky for the inconsistent usage and lack of foresight in his usage.

In retrospect, sending him to the World Junior Championships would have been the right call, given the team immediately dropped him from the top six once they announced he was going to remain in the NHL.

The same can be said about the decision not to send him to Laval. In retrospect, it was probably the wrong decision, especially when you consider he finished the season without a single point in his last 15 games.

But those were deployment issues, not Draft issues.

When drafting Slafkovsky, the team put a focus on the rare combination of skill and size, projecting him as a player that would benefit from working with Adam Douglas’ team.

In otherwords, he was the classic Draft unicorn, but not just due to his size. Without the talent to go with the frame, it’s doubtful the Canadiens would have simply fallen in love with a player that would have essentially been a Slovakian version of Michael McCarron.

And when we go down the list of 2022 drafted players, it becomes clear the team put an onus on talent.

Players like Filiup Mesar, Owen Beck, and Lane Hutson were bursting at the seams with talent, but their raw skillsets need help developing into a full-stocked arsenal that would eventually allow them to make an impact in the NHL.

The same can be said about later picks.

Players like Vinzenz Roher, Adam Engstrom, Cedrick Guindon, Petteri Nurmi and Miguel Tourigny were chosen based on their talent, not their NHL readiness.

And that should be a comforting notion for Canadiens fans, who are rightfully nervous about the upcoming Draft, because despite any concerns about the Slafkovsky pick, given the rest of the players the team chose, it’s clear there’s a team of scouts that are focusing on the organization’s various needs as well as high-end potential.

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John McArthur

Firstly Habs management are to plame, in Slafkovsky case in early he got drilled at least twice with his head down, could have been serious. surely management could see that he was not NHL ready and send him to LAVAL for at least half or full season, there was no need to rush him


Bald Eagle Hughes and fat man Gorton had to show off there new shiny toy in the hopes he was the next OVI/Jagr. I love Slafkovsky but he should of been playing way more minutes but St-Louis was to busy playing teacher’s pet and trying so hard to develop Hoffman, Armia and Drouin 😂. Doesn’t take a genius to see that was A WASTE OF TIME FROM OUR MANAGERIAL TEAM. When in fact they should of been playing Ylonen and RHP all season long aswell as really have a hard look at Teasdale cause scoring wingers with his size is a rare commodity but our “awesome coaching staff” in Laval admitted wrongfully evaluating him at season start 😆. How? This guy has been solid for Laval since he got here, is memorial cup MVP, but no, he gets one game and now he’s waiver eligible next season, good job management team at evaluation 😂 and good job playing overpaid players like Drouin, Dadonov, Hoffman and Armia in hopes that they will one (day) game rebound from mediocrity. If really St-Louis, Hughes and Gorton thought playing those players was more important, then this team is screwed 😑. Also Allen sucks, Barron is a passenger.


Ok, I’m sorry but Mesar lol, he’s an undersized winger with max middle 6 potential. Totally got ripped off by flames for Toffoli who by the way hit career highs in goals and points. He would of been a 1000 times better for development over Mesar and Heinemann which I like but is still a long shot to be more then a 3rd liner. Toffoli, Lehkonen and Allen where all bad moves and losses, I don’t care what people are saying about Barron still being young, he’s no warrior, nor a pilot, he’s just a simple passenger while Lehkonen was a catalyst in is FIRST NHL SEASON. So slow down a tad bit with the Oh WOW. Why is everyone so impressed, it’s like everyone forgot that besides Beck, Slafkovsky, Hutson and Engstrom, all our top young guns came from… (Drum role), THE PREVIOUS MANAGEMENT, aka Bergevin and Timmins which everyone thinks they where horrible just as Gorton as never had a good track record but for some reason Gordo, is the savior? Did the Habs buy the media for some reason? Sometimes you guys sound exactly like the liberal media, oh wait, you are the liberal media lol, first to appear in my Google search result which is already bought by liberal propaganda machine. Mark my words that in 3 years from now you be spinning the Gorton and Hughes drove this team to the ground lol. I can imagine Montreal continuing to develop a losing culture if this management team isn’t willing to lose “assets” in the means of unproven commodities in hopes that one of them can be an ok top line player instead of moving those pieces to better your team. No team as been built solely by the draft, that is the reality, you need to be good at signing FAs aswell as not scared of making earth shattering trades.


Caufield Suzuki Toffoli
Lehkonen Dubois Anderson
RHP Dach Ylonen
Teasdale Evans Gallagher (cause let’s face it, he’s not going anywhere)

Matheson free agent signing/trade
Guhle Savard
Xhekaj Kovacevic

Goalie signing or trade instead of having resigned emotionally fragile player like Allen 😞.

Aren’t we better suited to compete and develop our players in the long run with Lehkonen and Toffoli in our lineup? Two players that wanted to be hear? Those where 2 of Bergevin better moves and new management showed at first they wanted to distance from previous management and gave up these two players for NOTHING 😔 up until when the draft role out and basics drafted a bunch of Bergevin and Timmins type players lol.

John Spearing

Toffoli is an aging winger and a poor skater…. yes everyone liked him, no he wasn’t a good fit for our rebuild…. Heinman and Mesar for Toffoli is a win for us – but patience is a virtue… Mesar as an undersized winger in his first year in NA will need a good 2-3 more years… Heinman has a shot at cracking the line-up next season but it’s more likely he’s with Laval…
Lekky was due a significant raise and unlike some of the other vets kicking around, Lekky had value on the market… we got a quality former 1st round prospect at a position of need with Barron and we also got a 2nd rounder in the deal…
those were both good returns.

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