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Canadiens Draft Implications Involved In Panthers-Bruins Series



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With the NHL Playoffs getting started tonight, the Montreal Canadiens will be paying a very close eye to the series between the Florida Panthers and Boston Bruins.

Against all odds, the Florida Panthers were able to take advantage for the fall of the Pittsburgh Penguins to squeak into the last Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference.

Their reward for their efforts is to face the record-breaking Boston Bruins in the first round.

The last two Presidents Cup Trophy winners will do battle in a best-of-seven that will have important implications for the Montreal Canadiens in the 2023 NHL Draft.

With the Canadiens holding the Panthers’ 1st-round pick thanks to some tidy work from general manager Kent Hughes last spring, the outcome of the series could determine the rank of said pick.

Should the Panthers lose their series against the Bruins, their pick would be confirmed as the 17th overall pick in the upcoming draft.

That’s because the Florida Panthers had the lowest point totals (92) of any playoff team, and would thus get the highest pick of all playoff-bound clubs.

In the event that the Florida Panthers surprise the Bruins and make it to the second round, all hope is not lost, as a loss in the second round would also ensure their draft pick lands at 17th.

The only way the rank of their first-round pick could increase would be if they reached the Conference or Stanley Cup Finals, going from 17th to potentially 29th, 30th, 31st or 32nd overall.

Although anything is possible, they’ll have their hands full dealing with the Boston Bruins in a best-of-seven series, as the veteran club has been very good at shutting down offensive teams in the past.

The Montreal Canadiens management team will be following the outcome with great intrigue, as the 17th overall pick would be a very valuable asset for them to move, should the right offer arise.

If not, there are likely to be some very intriguing prospects available at that rank in the potent 2023 NHL Draft.

Needless to say, the Canadiens will likely be rooting for their hated rivals to make quick work of the Panthers in the coming days.

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There is NO way panthers win this series. Bruins are like 1977 Habs good…and that team lost but 2 games the entire playoffs.

So, assuming we get that #17 pick, I say package that with Adam Engstrom + “X” to move up and get RDman Rinebacher.

After Lane H., no more LD are needed or wanted. We need one more top RD – as in this draft.


I wouldn’t agree that no LD are wanted. Absolutely we want RD but you can’t have too many quality prospects. There are no guarantees so the more options the better.


I guess what I’m saying is that if there are 8 total LDmen on the team and as prospects vs. 3 RDmen on the team and as prospects, this needs to be balanced out. You have to take from Peter to pay Paul. At this point, Engstrom is expendable – in order to get a RD to balance things out.


Almost as importantly, we need Boston to win because in all likelihood the Laughs get past Tampa in the first round this year and we need the Bruins to stop them in their tracks in the 2nd round. If Florida somehow makes it through they won’t put up much of a fight for the Tampa/Toronto series winner.


3 more losses and goodbye Toronto. Then goodbye Mathews something next year and then who knows how the leafs will look in 24/25.
Hopefully they get swept. It’s the last thing this core needs to hit the bottom of rock bottom!

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