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Caufield on Canadiens Contract Talks, Update On Rehab



Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens Cole Caufield isn’t wasting any time preparing for next season, a positive sign for his future with the Habs.

The Canadiens’ sniper has been out since January after undergoing shoulder surgery, but he’s on the mend.

His focus has been getting back on the ice and getting himself ready to go for next season; blocking out all the rest, including current contract negotiations.

“I don’t think there’s a rush on either side,” said Cole Caufield. “It’ll get done when it gets done.”

Caufield said the contract negotiations aren’t something he’s overly concerned with, letting his agent Pat Brisson handle discussions with Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes and simply checking in from time to time.

“I kind of check in with him. I try to stay out of it. It’s between them,” said Caufield about negotiations. “A deal is going to get done. I’m not too worried about it.”

For Caufield, playing in Montreal remains the priority, praising the direction of the club and fully immersing himself in the hockey culture of the city.

“I love it here,” said Caufield regarding his love for Montreal. “It’s not for everybody, but I embrace the pressure.”

Caufield said that his growing chemistry with Nick Suzuki is another factor that makes being a Canadien such an attractive long-term option for him.

“I obviously love it,” said Caufield about playing with Suzuki. “I want to do it for a long time I think we’re building something special and I’d like to do it for a long time.”

For Caufield, it very much seems like it’s just a matter of time before all the anxiety around his contract negotiations dissipates.

Better Than Ever

Caufield’s focus remains on his shoulder rehab and coming into next season with something to prove.

In a great show of humility, Caufield pointed out that he hasn’t established anything; needing a big season to prove himself over a full 82 games to show exactly what player he could be.

“I haven’t played a full season yet, so I haven’t proven anything,” said Caufield about how he sees himself as a player. “I like where I’m going.”

For Caufield to get to that level and stay healthy for the entire season, he’s got a lot of work ahead of him.

“I’ll have a full summer to train and get ready; that’s why we did the surgery when we did,” said Caufield regarding his intense rehab process this summer.

He confirmed that he will be at 100% come training camp in September; assuring fans that his rehab is perfectly on track and that he’s been hitting the ice of late to get his mobility back.

“Everything is on track right now,” said Caufield on his health. “I’m going to have the summer to work on it. I think it’ll be good.”

A stronger, faster Caufield with a contract extension would be a welcomed sight for Montreal Canadiens fans next season; as he was sorely missed in the second half of this season.

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