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Canadiens Prospect Hutson Snubbed From Hobey Baker Top 3



montreal canadiens prospect lane hutson hutson

Montreal Canadiens prospect Lane Hutson has enjoyed one of the best seasons in recent NCAA history.

He’s collected a number of accolades along the way, including the Walter Brown Award, given to New England’s top American-born men’s college player.

And though he was rightfully named among the top-10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Award award, along with fellow Canadiens prospect Sean Farrell, Hutson will not take home the NCAA’s award for the top collegiate player in the country.

Logan Cooley (Arizona Coyotes), Adam Fantilli (top prospect, 2023), and Matthew Knies (Toronto Maple Leafs) are the three players in contention for the award.

It’s Fantilli’s award to lose.

Not only is he one of the top prospects available in the upcoming Draft, but the freshman also enjoyed a fantastic season which saw him lead the entire NCAA in points per game.

Fantill scored 29 goals and 35 assists in 35 games, the only player to finish with more points per game than Farrell. Cooley also had an excellent year, and finished just behind Farrell in points per game, with 20 goals and 37 assists in 37 games.

Clear Snubs

There’s one nominee, however, that stands out like a sore thumb.

At the risk of provoking ire from Maple Leafs fans, Knies had a very average season from a production point of view. He barely cracked the point-per-game mark, with just 41 points in 38 games, which means he’s tied for 24th in the NCAA when it comes to points per game. Knies also finished third in scoring among Golden Gophers players.

His underlying numbers are solid, but there’s no denying the second-year forward failed to produce as much as someone like Hutson, who produced 48 points in 38 games as a freshman, breaking several NCAA records along the way.

He led the NCAA in defenceman scoring and was the leading scorer on his team.

It’s always difficult to judge these awards, but you’d be hard-pressed to argue Knies has done anything this season that points to him being among the top 3 players in college hockey.

He finished tied for 18th in scoring, whereas Hutson, a defenceman, finished seventh.

On that note, Buffalo Sabres fans may also have an issue with the three finalists, seeing as Devon Levi, the most dominant goaltender in the NCAA, was also cut from the running for the Hobey Baker Award.

The good news for Habs fans is that despite the obvious snub, the best is yet to come in Hutson’s case. He’s defying all expectations in his rookie season and has quickly emerged as the top player in the organization’s prospect pool.

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I’d love to hear the justification as to why Knies was a finalist. My only guess is the NCAA knows none of these guys will be back next year, so honour them this time around, whereas Hutson has another crack at it next season. Hopefully it’ll be Hutson with the hardware next year.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tyrone
John Spearing

What an absolute joke it is that Knies is in the final 3.
He shouldn’t have even been in the top 10!!!
Should have been an easy 1-2 with Fantilli and Hutson and than a tough call between Cooley and Levi… Knies is so clearly out of place, I want to know who made the selections and how they can justify such a brutal selection.

Huge snub to Hutson… I hope the kid sticks it to them and beats the Golden Gophers in the semis before beating the Wolverines in the finals in the Frozen Four this year – that would be sweet 😀


Strength of opponent should heavily be taken into consideration. Knies showed up in big games. Points are impressive but they mean less in a very weak eastern conference and the hobey committee knows this

Albert Vanular

Excuses excuses. Spin it any way you like, there is absolutely no justification for this absurd decision and everyone else in the hockey world knows this even if you don’t.


If this game isn’t a clear indication of strength of opponent I don’t know what it. Boston is a mediocre team that’s played bad competition keying their stats rack up points. When they play a good team they fold.

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