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Possible Canadiens Negotiation Tactic To Pry Dubois From Jets



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have an interesting option ahead if they want to force a trade with the Winnipeg Jets to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois.

It’s no secret to the hockey world at this point that the Montreal Canadiens have been linked to Dubois for the better part of the last eight months.

NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman recently confirmed that the Canadiens and Jets have actually spoken during the season regarding a potential trade in the summer.

There has been talk of the Canadiens holding significant leverage, due to Pierre Luc Dubois‘ open desire not to re-sign long-term in Winnipeg and his known desire to end up in Montreal eventually.

However, there is an added layer of leverage that the Montreal Canadiens do hold over the Winnipeg Jets in any potential trade discussion for Dubois, and it might sound familiar.

Offer Sheet Trap

Pierre-Luc Dubois is set to become a restricted free agent for the last time in his career this summer.

If Dubois remains unsigned after July 1st, the Canadiens would have a four-day window to allow them to submit an offer sheet to the Dubois camp.

Dubois will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2024, meaning he only has one more season to complete in order to attain full autonomy.

That could all play to the advantage of the Canadiens in a very unique way.

The Canadiens could thus present Dubois would a one-year, $6.4M offer sheet between July 1 and 5th and it could quite literally put the Jets in a bind.

If the Jets were to match the offer sheet, they would enter into a binding contract with Dubois for the upcoming season, but there’s a catch.

The NHL CBA also stipulates that they would also be unable to trade Dubois for a full calendar year; meaning that they would essentially lose Dubois for nothing as he walks into free agency on July 1, 2024.

If the Jets chose not to match it and take the compensation, all the Canadiens would have to give up is their 2024 1st-round and 3rd-round picks.

They would then be able to talk long-term extension with Dubois as of January 1, 2024.

Break Down

The threat of a potential offer sheet is a massive ace in the hand of general manager Kent Hughes going into the summer.

With Dubois unlikely to sign a long-term deal, it will put the Jets in a pretty big bind; looking across the league to try and trade their 25-year-old centre for whatever they can get before the Canadiens pull the trigger on the predatory move.

It could be the needed pressure Hughes needs to finally convince Jets general manager Kevyn Cheveldayoff to pull the trigger on a deal.

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I don’t think this is a viable option because if it worked, we’d be giving up a 1st and 3rd for a player we can have for free by waiting 1yr. Why pay anything? Let Dubois prove that he’s serious and sign him in the summer of 2024.

PS It’s Kevin Cheveldayoff, not Kevyn. You’re thinking about Buffalo GM Kevyn Adams. 😁


Not only that but to remember it would have to be montreals 1st rounder. And do we wanna risk a chance at giving up a top 10 pick. As we witnessed this year injuries can and will destroy any team aspirations. Last thing we need as a rebuilding team is to give up a first and have it land 1st overall -10th.
And the habs as we kno are more then a dubois away from contention. Besides isnt 1 miserably planned offer sheet enough for a franchise lol


Well, maybe the Jets trade him to Florida, he plays there for a year and decides life in Florida is actually pretty good and then signs there long term. A year of beaches and sunny weather can be a strong motivator.


Absolutely. I’m willing to take that risk though. I think it’s a given that Winnipeg trades him to the highest bidder, and that bidder will do everything in their power to resign their shiny new toy. But, if Dubois is determined to get to Montreal then we need to let him prove it. If he finds greener pastures elsewhere, so be it. We have Suzuki. We have Dach. We have a high pick in the upcoming draft. We have Beck, Mesar, Kidney, etc. It’s not like we don’t have a plan B.


This is a stupid rule. The cry baby, should be blacklisted, because where ever he goes, the grim reaper is going to follow him, and maybe a broken knee cap from a slap shot ends his career


Dude u need calm the hell down . The only cry baby is u and the other 4 Columbus trolls wishing harm to some over sport is stupid wake up ur better then this.


There is the other tactic….let the media continue to speculate on next to nothing, over and over and over….until it happens!


It’s a quiet time in the land of “32 thoughts” with the TDL past , the NHL lottery still weeks away and just a few college contracts to report on .
Short on thoughts and ideas it seems that Friedman has gone back to a story we’ve been hearing about every couple of months of late . A saga that we will likely get several more editions of over the next while . Let the soap opera continue.

Captain Kirk

Habs have 2 choices: sit tight and wait another year or offer sheet Dubois. Dubois might have something to say about this too as I assume he wants out this summer and not wait another year. Imo, losing a 1st and a 3rd in 2024 isn’t a huge gamble. How often do you get a top 6 proven centre capable of playing right now versus a 1st rd who usually requires seasoning in the minors or worst..ends up being a bust? During the last draft – Shane Wright was the star centre, along with Cooley..neither have set the league on fire. Skavkofsky has been middling as well. In this scenario, take the sure bet which is’s just a matter of this summer or next..assuming all these rumours are true


Or, have your cake and eat it too. Sign Dubois as a UFA for no assets AND use that 1st rounder and 3rd rounder to add to our stable of prospects. 😁

Daniel Kozak

If PLD is serious about wanting to play in Montreal he has to prove it by how he facilitates the trade or signing that must take place .

Curtis Ault

So, if I am Cheveldayoff, I’m looking the Canadiens 2024 1st round pick for a starting point. I’m assuming he would prefer a prospect, or maybe 2, rather than the 2024 3rd round pick. He will have to save face in some way on the deal.


And what if Montreal acquires Dubois and sign him to a long term lucrative deal but he turns into a real cancer for the team? How are they going to trade a long term 8 million/year asset that nobody wants? I am in the camp of wait another year when he becomes an UFA and make an offer to him then..Why jeopardize losing your 2024 first round pick, when you can wait and pay nothing for him..


What’s the rush. Wait a year and sign him and give up nothing. That is if that’s what he wants.

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