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Canadiens & Jets Reportedly Discussed Pierre-Luc Dubois Trade



Montreal Canadiens trade target Dubois

Montreal Canadiens fans are probably hoping there’s a fire beneath all the Pierre-Luc Dubois smoke.

There’s been no confirmation from Dubois about his interest in playing for the Canadiens, however, Hockey Insiders have reached a consensus: it’s the likeliest scenario.

“Dubois has a year left, and we all know how he feels,” said Elliotte Friedman during his latest 32 Thoughts podcast. “Things aren’t working out in Winnipeg, Bowness was brought in to change the structure and challenge players. I look at this and the way it’s going, and I just wonder if we’re seeing the end of this group.”

The Jets are currently 8th in the Western Conference and are coming off a morale-destroying 4-1 loss against the Los Angeles Kings. Despite putting some distance between themselves and competing teams in the standings on several occasions, they tend to quickly lose momentum, allowing their opponents to close the gap.

It’s often the sign of a club that is struggling to play cohesively, relying on individual talent rather than a team effort.

Of course, one of the most talented players is Dubois, who is fourth in Jets scoring this season, with 25 goals and 33 assists in 66 games.

Dubois signed a one-year extension last summer which pays him $6 million in annual average salary. He’ll be a restricted-free agent upon the conclusion of his contract.

Long-rumoured to have the desire to play in his home province, Dubois has been linked to the Canadiens for months, and according to Friedman, the two teams have probably spoken about fast-tracking the process.

“I think the Jets have talked to the Canadiens on and off about Dubois,” said Friedman. “Is there some way, we know Dubois is going to end up there, 95 percent, is there some way we can make a deal so the Canadiens get him earlier and we get something we want?”

The Jets are in a tough position. They know their star player wants out, and since he’s essentially picked his ideal landing spot, they have little to no leverage to work with.

Yes, Dubois is extremely talented, and his addition to the roster would bolster the Canadiens’ centre depth to a point unseen in decades, but the Canadiens are not in any hurry to expedite the rebuild process, which would certainly be the case if they acquired Dubois.

“They’ve talked about that, but haven’t been able to make the deal,” explains Friedman.

In this negotiation, Kent Hughes holds all the cards. It’s simply a matter of gauging whether Dubois’ intentions would hold through another one-year contract extension with the Jets, or if he must strike while the iron is hot.

The question becomes, if the Canadiens were to make a trade for Dubois, what kind of return would the Jets expect?

Knowing Hughes’ preferred method of negotiating, patience and holding steadfast to his price of acquisition, it would be unlikely the Canadiens’ GM would be willing to move significant assets for a player they could acquire for free in one year.

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On the other hand, if the Jets get desperate to receive some form of return on their investment, they may be willing to drop their asking price to line up with something Hughes deems reasonable.

But regardless of the outcome, one thing is clear; there’s a very strong chance Pierre-Luc Dubois ends up a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

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Guy Emond

He is has bad as Drouin no heart don’t touch that

landon neaveill

bud he has 58 pts! i know he’s had issues with “heart”, but for his entire career, he’s been vocal about his want to play for montréal. if we trade for him, maybe we rekindle some of the “heart” that people claim he’s lost. regardless, scoring 58pts in 66 games for a team you don’t want to play for is amazing, and i’m all for acquiring him,


I’ll split the difference between you both above…I just don’t know. Its 50-50 for me, and I think the Habs too. The ONLY two times to acquire PLD are at the draft (or a trade at around the draft), or UFA season 2024. You get him this offseason, and how much cap hit are we talking about? He can’t make more than Nick, or he must be the first line centre. Will that be the case? Or, if he REALLY wants to be in MTL, then he would need to take a “hometown discount” to be paid just under what Nick gets. Does PLD REALLY want that?

And what about Dach? To me, it seems he would be almost or about as good as PLD by 2024, so why are we replacing Dach with PLD when Dach can come within 10 pts or so of PLD, but at a cap hit of more than 50% off? Is this REALLY what the Habs want?

So then, move Dach to 3rd line centre? Fine, because he only makes $3.XM per, but is that REALLY what the Habs and Dach want?

And, of course, what if Habs land a top centre in this coming draft, like Bedard, Fantilli, or Carlsson? Or a “surprise” Beck or Kidney. There is no PLD if that happens – or vice versa.

I would only go for PLD next offseason (not this one), so we give up nothing for him, AND if we do not draft one of those three centres in this coming draft, AND if Dach is truly OK with playing 3rd line centre, AND if no other high prospect centre like Beck or Kidney make the team with a resounding rookie season.

Lots of ifs herein…

Last edited 2 months ago by morrisk
Curtis Ault

Suzuki, Dach and Dubois, then figure it out. Speeds up the rebuild.


The only way I’m TRADING for Dubois is if it’s for Hoffman and Armia. 😂 Why give up ANYTHING for a guy we can supposedly get for free? It would be bad asset management to give up anything beyond a cap dump, C prospects or a late round draft pick. That’s obviously not going to happen, so just sit back and wait for Dubois to put his money where his mouth is and sign as a UFA in 2024. Having a C core of Suzuki, Dach and Dubois would compare favourably with any of the top teams in the league. I’d be fine with giving Dubois, Caufield and Dach the same or slightly less than Suzuki and locking them all up for 7-8 years so we don’t have to concern ourselves at all with contract hassles for any of them for a very long time. With the cap set to jump significantly in the near future, the sooner we can get these guys at their percentages of the cap while it’s still low, the better it will be for building a champion in the future when all the kids we’re drafting will be coming off their ELCs and looking to cash in.


I agree and having Suzuki, Dach and Dubois SPEEDS the rebuild for sure!
Any way you dice it, the futures lookin brighter and I gotta wear shades….


You could say that we’ll no longer be in Dire Straits.

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