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Canadiens Decision On Top Prospect Sean Farrell Coming Soon



Montreal Canadiens prospect Sean Farrell

The Montreal Canadiens just signed Jayden Struble out of the NCAA and Sean Farrell could be doing the same in the coming weeks.

The 21-year-old has been sensational for the Harvard Crimson this year, putting up 20 goals and 31 assists for 51 points in 32 games this season.

He finished the regular season ranked second in the entire NCAA in points per game and was one of the most dynamic players in the entire collegiate circuit.

Although this is only Farrell’s second season playing for the Harvard Crimson, it is considered his junior season, as Farrell took online classes during the covid season of 2020-2021.

This means that the Canadiens have until August 15, 2024 to sign one of their top prospects before he’s able to become a free agent.

That being said, given his relationship with the Montreal Canadiens organization and his noted appreciation for the Canadiens and their fans; there’s nothing to worry about.

The timing is right for the youngster to make the jump this spring.

Possible Timeline

With an ECAC final tonight against Colgate coming up, and Harvard also ranked in the top 10 of the NCAA Pairwise Rankings, Farrell’s season isn’t done just yet.

The Canadiens’ 4th-round pick in 2020 will be partaking in the NCAA Championships, which are set to begin on March 23.

Should Harvard falter in their preliminary games on either March 23 or 24; Farrell’s season would come to a screeching halt.

However, if Harvard were to push all the way to the Frozen Four and possibly an NCAA championship, Farrell’s season would end after April 6 or 8; giving him enough time to play a handful of games before the Canadiens’ season comes to a close.

But, unlike Jayden Struble, it would be surprising to see the skilled forward head over to the Laval Rocket for the rest of the season.

What To Expect

Struble opted to sign his two-year entry-level contract effective for next season, in order to allow him the option of signing a Professional Try-Out (PTO) with the Laval Rocket to be eligible to play in the AHL for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

That’s because, if a player signs their entry-level contract (ELC) and burns the first year of their contract after the NHL Trade Deadline, they aren’t eligible to play in the AHL.

The Canadiens did the same exercise with Jordan Harris last spring, as he joined the Canadiens on a two-year deal right out of college and immediately burned his first year upon signing his deal.

They knew that burning the first year of Harris’ ELC would make him ineligible for the AHL, and they did it anyway, as Harris was a top prospect that was sure to be coveted on the free agent market.

Harris has since been able to negotiate a new extension, which he signed earlier this winter, less than a year before turning pro.

With Sean Farrell being one of the top prospects in both the NCAA and the Montreal Canadiens prospect pool, it’s very likely that the Canadiens will have to burn the first year of his contract to sign him this spring.

However, unlike Harris and Struble, Farrell will have to sign a three-year deal out of college.

Both Harris and Struble were eligible for two-year ELCs because they were to turn 22 before September 15 in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Because of that, the NHL considers the player 22 years of age upon signing, which limits them to a two-year deal; as opposed to the usual three-year deal.

In Farrell’s case, he only turns 22 in November, meaning that he would be classified as a 21-year-old if he were to sign this spring; making him eligible for a three-year deal.

Given the term distinction for Farrell, it would make complete sense to offer him the opportunity to burn the first year of his three-year ELC to entice him to make the jump to the NHL; as it would speed up the process.

It is expected at this point that we will see Farrell in a Canadiens uniform before the end of the season.

It’s simply a question of time.

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