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Canadiens Prospect Sean Farrell Thriving, Chasing Hobey Baker



Montreal Canadiens prospect Sean FArrell Habs News

Montreal Canadiens prospect Sean Farrell is thriving this year with the Harvard Crimson, a major jump in performance that has vaulted him to the top of the Hobey Baker conversation in the NCAA.

The 21-year-old has been putting up points at a torrid pace in the NCAA this season for the Harvard Crimson; registering a sparkling 14 goals and 27 assists for 41 points in just 24 games so far this year.

Farrell’s season started off much like last year; just above a point-per-game, while looking like the most creative player on the ice.

However, since the month of January, Farrell has been the most productive forward in the entire NCAA.  In his last 12 games since the start of 2023, Farrell has registered a staggering seven goals and 15 assists for 22 points; all while being the offensive catalyst for Harvard in crunch situations.

He’s been more aggressive on the ice and has utilized his speed to get into the high-danger areas with more regularity. It’s helped him drive the play with more ease; showing off his dual-threat ability and keeping his opponents guessing.

His recent offensive surge has seen him surge up the ranks of the NCAA scoring race, now currently sitting his second place with his 41 points.

His 1.71 points-per-game ratio is second only to 2023 NHL Draft prospect Adam Fantilli, a former teammate of Farrell’s in the USHL with the Chicago Steel, who also leads the NCAA with 48 points in 25 games.

Hobey Baker?

Farrell was recently one of Harvard’s three nominations for the Hobey Baker award, an honour given out to the most valuable player in the NCAA; but, with the way he’s been playing of late, he’s likely to be one of the three finalists for the coveted trophy.

With the way Farrell has been playing of late, it wouldn’t be outlandish to see him be heavily considered for the trophy. Farrell leads his team in scoring by quite a large margin, with Alex Laferriere 10 points back of Farrell in Harvard Crimson scoring.

Although Fantilli may have the lead in points, he plays on a stacked roster at the University of Michigan, which includes multiple current and future NHL 1st-round picks. This isn’t to say that what Farrell is doing makes him a better prospect or player than Fantilli, but Farrell’s current play has been crucial to the overall success of the Crimson this season.

It’ll be a tight race between the two former Chicago Steel forwards, but, just being able to have that kind of debate goes to show how intriguing a prospect Sean Farrell truly is.

Getting Ready For the NHL

There has been speculation that the youngster could forgo signing with the Canadiens this spring and eventually become a free agent in the summer of 2024, but Farrell himself has indicated that he’s very excited about potential opportunities with the Canadiens down the road.

In a recent interview with Montreal Hockey Now, Sean Farrell praised the work the Montreal Canadiens had done in fleshing out their developmental staff, including Farrell’s skills coach, Adam Nicholas.

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In the very same interview, Farrell  showed no hesitation when asked whether he could see himself playing with the Canadiens. For him, it’s a situation almost tailor-made for him as a player to come in and contribute in a way that would be both sustainable and meaningful.

“I think they emphasize playing fast and playing a fast possession game. That’s something I’ve always been good at and have succeeded in systems like that,” said Farrell about St. Louis’ new coaching approach. “I feel like, once I’m ready and my body is ready, I feel like I’ll be able to step in and help the team offensively. You’ve definitely seen flashes from them this year where they score a bunch of goals and play well on the rush. They’re really fun to watch and hopefully I’ll be able to step into that one day.”

Of all the Montreal Canadiens’ prospects, he’s likely the one that is closest to the NHL right now, and the one that is best suited for the style head coach Martin St-Louis wants to play.

The experience he’s gaining this season will be invaluable in helping him take the next step in his career, likely to come in a few months’ time.

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Captain Kirk

Hobey Baker award winner doesn’t automatically translate into a bonafide NHLer. Yes it sounds nice and all that but also being a Canucks fan..they got Adam Gaudette a few years ago. He was a Hobey Baker winner. He’s not playing for the Canucks now. Even 1st rd draft picks have bombed.. looking at the Canucks..Jake Virtanen and then Juolevi..both 1st rounders. Every team has had a few like that including the Habs. Remember Galchenyuk? Drafted 3rd overall. Scored 2-30 goal seasons and then self destructed. Brendan Gallagher..same draft. He has scored 30 as well but he was never a first rounder however I would say CH did a lot better with Gallagher than Galchenyuk..which goes to show that you do your due diligence and research into all your picks but there’s a certain amount of luck and voodoo involved as well. Having said all that, I do wish Farrell the best and hope he wins a regular spot on the Habs.


Hobey Baker Final Five Favorites.
-Adam Fantilli
-Logan Cooley
-Jimmy Snuggard
-Sean Farrel
-Lane Hutson (just overtook Luke Hughes)

Hughes to put it in context was the only top 25 player in the NCAA last year who was a Defensman. This season he surpassed his career high but despite his pace he cant touch Hutson as he pulls away on him despite a just ok start to the season.

If Hutson’s success wasnt largely Special Teams related i’d be a little more worried. That said like Caufield he’s dominant on the man advantage in a league that really doesnt revolve around special teams as much as the NHL with Fighting banned and respeat offenders lose games off the season depending on their record . (13 fights , 13 supsended games type deal)

Farrell i was a bit worried about then 2nd in Olympic scoring in the least games and then Coach Nicholas and Marty St Louis saying he’s a playmaker/talent thats very rare to find period let alone outside the 1st round. As long as you throw 2 goal scorers on his wing everyone on his line produces without fail at any level he’s played.


I’ve been the one saying this since game 10 of NCAA
That said Lane Hutson went from top 50 to tied for 8th OA with Farrel and Cooley.
He’s on pace to actually surpass Fantilli for #1 by years end if he doesnt slow down or Fantilli doesnt get even more hot then he is.

Hutson is a powerfal impact player for Boston University one of the top NCAA programs historically and as pressure mounts he steps up .

Farrell leads the 4th best line in the NCAA maybe 3rd doing so after switching to Center last year. He’s made amazing strides continuing to grow. But the last Defensman to do what Hutson is would be Adam Fox .

The reality is MTL would prefer Farrell win it as whomever does will turn Pro as no NHL player has won the Hobey and returned back to NCAA in my lifetime. IF Farrel wins it buys us another year of developing Hutson a LD as MTL is log jammed into the AHL with Beaudin and Trudeau locking down top 4 in Laval after the team lost faith in Norlinder as a top 4 guy. While our Center depth is almost as Deep its no where near as log jammed as our Center’s are spread over different leagues with different timelines to turn Pro.

As is Struble is unlike to get a Qualifying offer as MTL has 14 offers needing made in the next 2 years on a team drafting a lot of depth who under MB would have never panned out but are overachieving under Hughes.