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Canadiens Harvey-Pinard’s Emergence Key For Trade Deadline



Canadiens Harvey Pinard 2

Montreal Canadiens prospect Rafael Harvey-Pinard’s emergence could not have come at a better time.

Not only did he prove he has what it takes to produce from the fourth line, one of the most difficult tasks for a player attempting to earn a job in the NHL, but his instant chemistry alongside Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson on the top line also opens up possibilities for the Canadiens.

It was a rather limited sample size, but Harvey-Pinard’s two goals on the top line weren’t the only impressive aspects of his short audition with Suzuki and Anderson.

When playing with his new linemates, Harvey-Pinard’s line controlled an impressive 89 percent of the shots (17-2) and 100 percent of the high-danger chances (6-0), which led to shinning expected goals for percentage of 93.3%.

Again, it was a very small sample size. The line only played for a little under eight minutes at 5v5.

But it followed a familiar theme for Harvey-Pinard, who uses his intensity and a seemingly endless supply of energy to disrupt defencemen on the forecheck, which, consequently, leads to a bevy of quality scoring chances.

It’s also worth noting Suzuki had struggled in previous week, however, he immediately regained his confidence once Harvey-Pinard received his promotion.

Next Step

Why does it matter that Harvey-Pinard found instant chemistry with Suzuki and Anderson?

Statistically speaking, neither Suzuki nor Anderson have managed to generate sustained results without the help of Kirby Dach.

If Harvey-Pinard’s nose for the net and intense work ethic turns out to be the missing link, it will give head coach Martin St-Louis more options moving forward, a blessing given half the team is currently injured. It will also guide the team as they attempt to find players that could possibly be part of their long-term plans alongside Suzuki.

In addition, it should also lead to an uptick in scoring for Anderson, who earned two assists in his short time alongside Harvey-Pinard.

As it stands, Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is reportedly not interested in trading Anderson. But it’s also fair to point out he said something similar before trading Artturi Lehkonen.

The NHL’s trade market has a dearth of talent available, and Anderson checks all the boxes when it comes to what general managers seek when attempting to bolster their playoff lineup.

Regardless of whether Hughes is genuinely interested in keeping Anderson in the lineup, the offers may simply be too good to refuse.

And with Harvey-Pinard’s recent play, Anderson’s value may be on the verge of skyrocketing, leaving Hughes with little to no options when it comes to a potential trade.

All statistics are 5v5 unless otherwise noted, via NaturalStatTrick

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I feel bad for Anderson. Just like Toffoli, he wants to be in Montreal. Although I agree that if we get a king’s ransom for him, then it makes sense we trade him. But, it doesn’t change the fact that he and his family are proud to be a part of this franchise. I do worry that we get somewhat of a Vegas of the north reputation, in that we sign guys to longer term contracts, and they commit to being here, only to ship them out a couple years later. It’s not like Toffoli or Anderson weren’t living up to their contracts and we needed to dump them. These guys have given a great deal to the team and have made it clear their love for the city. How many times can we do this and not suffer the consequences of players not wanting to sign here because they don’t think they can put down roots? It’s not like we don’t have enough strikes against us already with free agents.


We Do

Those Examples are UFA’s signing here’s best hope.
Alzner, Hoffman and Savard are the worst case scenario’s.

Only real “success ” story we had via UFA is Radulov and Perry where everything clicked.
Then our GM Declined a deal over 1 extra year term just like Danault and Perry as well.

Luckily i doubt Hughes will sabotage any UFA finds he gets like Bergavin.
That said how we treated Toffoli, now Anderson and even Chiarot will be standing out to people signing longterm. Short term screwing Radulov and Perry will stick out and even if you think there’s a slight chance loyality will be rewarded they screwed Danault too. Danault was everything they asked for and in the end still not enough because thats the culture MTL management under Geoff Molson has bred.


We need 2 offensive centres in our top 2. Danault would have to accept 3rd line pay to stay.

Chariot’s contract was up. Nothing wrong with dealing him.

Perry wanted an extra year. For that amount, should of gave it to him. But he would have also been dealt, the way the last 2 seasons have been going.

Want have we done to Anderson??? Also, rebuilding teams have to make tough decisions.


I think you give credit to Molson for something he has nothing to do with. I don’t see him involved in free agent signings or contracts, unless we were going to offer someone a max term huge money deal in free agency. Then maybe ownership is consulted. But for the examples you mentioned, my guess is he’s not in the loop at all.

Marco D'Amico

There wasn’t much backlash at all in terms of what the Canadiens are doing with their vets, because they were straight up with it to the players, media and public.

Everyone understands what’s going on here.