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Montreal Canadiens Being Monitored By New Jersey Devils



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have had quite the following of scouts this season, but one team that has been more present of late are the New Jersey Devils.

The Devils have sent three different representatives to the Bell Centre over the last two weeks to scout the Canadiens, despite the two clubs not being set to play each other for another month.

Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald is currently testing the market to try and add a top-six forward with term to his roster to help New Jersey win now and in the immediate future.

In an interview with The Athletic, Fitzgerald admitted to being on the hunt for a forward that is locked into a contract, whom the club could control for more years to come.

“If it’s possible, I’d like to add a top-six winger,” Fitzgerald said in his interview with The Athletic. “And I’d like to be able to control the player (past this season) and grow. I’d be willing to give up assets to do that, and I’ve got to know, ‘What does that look like?’”

Although many teams, including the Devils are rumoured to be involved in trying to acquire Timo Meier from the San Jose Sharks, a recent report from San Jose Hockey Now indicates that Meier is looking for a long-term contract worth $9M on an annual basis.

On top of the steep price Fitzgerald would have to pay to acquire Meier, offering that kind of contract to Meier could also impact contract negotiations with Jesper Bratt, who could then easily demand the same salary, if not more.

That’s why the Devils are keeping their eyes on some possible alternatives like Vladimir Tarasenko and Montreal Canadiens forward Josh Anderson.

Potential Alternative

Although Josh Anderson is not the same kind of talent as Meier, he is a player the New Jersey Devils have liked in the past.

His $5.5M cap hit could be more easily incorporated within the Devils’ current salary structure without throwing them out of whack or impacting other negotiations.

Anderson also brings a significant element of grit and toughness that the Devils currently lack, with only one forward, Yegor Sharangovich, in their top 9 that’s 6’2 or above.

Anderson’s spike in goal-scoring of late, and his ability to play in all situations, makes him an attractive asset for a team like the Devils, who are very much in the market for a power forward.

The Canadiens aren’t shopping Josh Anderson, but have listened to offers on him throughout the last year; always remaining open to opportunities that could improve their club long-term.

With the Canadiens set to make some big decisions this spring, the Devils will be an interesting team to follow, as they continue following Montreal in preparation for the NHL Trade Deadline.

**This article does not suggest the trading of Josh Anderson, it is simply a report.**

New Jersey Devils Very Interested in Montreal Canadiens Forward


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David Trott

It’s always good to know about long shot options. Especially since Montreal management is so full of surprises.


Another reason the Devils would be interested in Anderson is a team they’ll have to get past now and the near future is Washington with Tom Wilson. Having Anderson would help balance the equation a bit for New Jersey.

Now we need an article on potential trade targets from New Jersey’s system to follow up this one, Marco.


Not really Anderson loses more then he wins but gets Draws most often.
His finishing move is bear hugging you to the ice then talking smack after.

He’s in no way a tough guy and the last fight he won he messed up his hand and was out for 2 weeks . Pezzetta’s the guy you’d want playing rodeo clown as he’d hang on for the ride and losing him to take Wilson off the ice 5 minutes is more then fair. Pezzetta earned his contract by losing Keaton Middleton his when he took the 6’5 bugger with reach down with ease and dominance. Maple Leaf’s cut him 5-6 days later and MTL signed Pezzetta.

Pezz was scratched more then he was played as time went on in Laval because he’s always in the mix physically but earned himself a Job in MTL for that very reason last year after Beating Brett Seney Mercilessly after Seney cheap shotted him 4 times to the back of the head while Pezz was down after delivering a clean hit on Seney.

Seney like Middleton was released a few days after Pezzetta lit him up.
2 Defining Fights that Turned Pezzetta Pro on an ELC and the one that got him a starting job on the 2021-22 MTL Canadiens were both at TML expense

While that doesnt sound flashy the people he fought from that point on is.
His first Official NHL fight in the Regular Season he took on the toughest SOB outside Wilson over the past 10 years in Ryan Reaves. He lost but he approached it like riding a bull and did everything he could to keep holding on and for the full ride .

He wont cost much as while he’s a great energy guy when push comes to shove he’ll always screw you taking a dumb penalty in a fight that isnt needed in order to stroke his Ego which again is why he was a healthy scratch so much after his rookie season in Laval. Deslauriers was the same way here and its why we traded him for a 3rd i believe it was. In ANA he protected the youth in a rebuild while becoming the top NHL fighter atleast one time and top 3 since leaving.

Pezzetta over time will get tougher.
Issue is we have Matt Martin’s Cousin a Goal Scoring Wrecking Ball infront of the net who’s as bone crushing with his hits but unlike his cousin draws more penalties then he takes putting his Degree to work Promoting and Marketing his own Brand. He’s done quite a lot to stop comparison’s between him and his cousin which in MTL obviously fuels them which is clever on his part . Unlike Pezetta he’s not looking to Fight, just finishes them at will but would much rather score a goal and mock you relentlessly which is why he’s 3rd in team scoring 1 goal from overtaking 2nd place.

Pezzetta could easily be had for Kevin Bahl who’s been a bomb for you guys but would atleast give Laval a Captain similar to Oulette we can rely on for a few years. Even then it would be cheaper to swing Johanson with a 3rd MTL’s way creating cap room in the process. MTL could play AJ a few weeks in the NHL before RS and trading him as his AHL production is steady we need to see him back in the NHL to get value but regardless will get a secondary later pick for RS .

Both teams win without really giving up squat.


No Billy, you need to stop. Your OTL with your assumptions and overall opinion. You are also wrong with your facts. Pezzetta first NHL fight was against Seney of the Leafs. As you can see, no one seems to agree with you. Take the hint.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dave
John Spearing

give me Simon Nemec and they can have Josh in a straight up deal… I might even be willing to throw in Jordan Harris to make it work 😉


They’ll never go for that. They wouldn’t trade the pick that became Nemec for Anderson this past summer, so they won’t do it now.


Watch out for Tyrone Marco. He will act like he is your long lost buddy and as he has done here, start suggesting what you write. You do great without him. Before long he will start to take credit for YOUR ideas. Ignore him and he will go away.

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