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Dubois Trade Situation Encouraging For Canadiens’ Future



Montreal Canadiens trade target Dubois

Now that the dust has settled following Pierre-Luc Dubois’ visit to the Bell Centre to face the Montreal Canadiens, it’s the perfect time to evaluate the situation with an emotionless approach.

Dubois has made it clear he wants to play for the Canadiens, a nice change of pace when it comes to local players.

In the past, players at the end of their careers have expressed their desire to play at the Bell Centre, a notion that rings hollow when the same players opted to sign for other teams when the opportunity arose.

But in this case, it’s a local player in his prime, which is a rather exciting prospect.

“There’s a blazing fire here,” said Nick Kypreos, while appearing on the Tim And Friends podcast last week. “He is not staying in Winnipeg long term. There is nothing that can change his mind, from what I’m hearing.”

Dubois is currently signed to a one-year, $6 million extension, and will be a restricted free agent once his contract expires this summer.

And while it’s tempting to acquire a player in his prime, especially one with a local flavour, the question remains, should the Canadiens pay assets for a player who could be signed for free in the near future?

On the surface, it seems like a decent gamble.

At 24 years old, Dubois fits nicely with the core of players the Canadiens are counting upon to rebuild the team, and he’d immediately become one of the best players in the lineup. He’s a game-breaking presence that would provide essential scoring while playing through his statistical prime.

But if Dubois is serious about making his way to Montreal, a little patience may be in order.

By signing a short-term extension with the Jets, not only could Dubois decide his own fate once he becomes an unrestricted free agent, but it would also greatly benefit the Canadiens, who would not be forced to send precious assets to the Jets in return for Dubois’ rights.

It would also give them a longer grace period to develop their current young core of players, which should, by all logic, lead to yet another solid draft pick in 2024.

Of course, there are plenty of factors to consider, and there’s no guarantee Dubois’ interest in playing for Montreal is limitless.

But given the current situation, betting on his long-term interest could play out perfectly for Kent Hughes and Co.

At the very least, the idea that a local player in his prime is excited about the possibility of playing for the Canadiens is nothing short of encouraging for a franchise that has struggled to attract high-end talent in the past.

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David Trott

We’ve been following the Dubois story for a while now and it is intriguing. Waiting for him to become a free agent seems to be the best approach. His desire to play in Montréal will be more or less proved by his signing but term and dollars still matter. Earlier action by Hughes could take place if he finds a deal with Winnipeg that would allow him to move players that won’t fit long term but are still valuable. I would look for some kind of surprise from Hughes.

John Stone

then the pressure of being that hometown kid playing for your childhood favorite team and media becuz he didnt score 3 games will eventually mount up to the point he will downfall in his production.. i say Winnipeg should keep a player like dubois .. And with that being said. With his talents . Hes a hugh assest they have now since laine left. i just dont see him coming here for any less then what theyre ( Jets ) asking for.. and we all know hughes wont ship a bucket load + MILLIONS of dollars just to get a player in his prime when he said it himself he wants a YOUNG fast offensive style game. SORRY.. just my thought.


Then they wait until he becomes a free agent and sign him to a contract then. The article covered this, perhaps you missed that?


It’s not the right thing to do. I would prefer not considering how the Tavares signing has worked in Toronto. Don’t romanticize, stay away and build from scratch. Keep building from within, including using Matheson as a trade tool. There’s no need or rush to get a local player in the cap era. Let Roy come up and play into his own. Drouin should be a great example that this market is different for Quebec players.

John Spearing

JT was 28 when the Laughs gave him an overpriced 7 year contract…. much different situation.
I’m not willing to give up key assets for him, but waiting until he’s a free agent and signing him after we have another year to develop some of our kids, sounds great to me… PLD has his flaws, but he’s certainly no Drouin… PLD is big and plays a physical game… this is his first year averaging over a point per game, prior to that his best seasons are 61 & 60 points (and never hitting 30 goals) – but he is having a fantastic year this season and he brings other elements…. having PLD & Suzuki in the top 6 also would allow Dach to stay on the wing with Nick & Cole (while also providing some insurance and depth down the middle)… IF waiting backfires and PLD does sign long term with someone else, no biggie (he was never ours)… but if he does want to be a Hab and he does hit the open market, the timing could be perfect to sign him in the summer of 2024.


Besides all the other common sense reasons to not give up assets for a player we can have for nothing in a couple of years, by waiting until summer 2024, we get an drain and a half to see Dach develop. Who knows, maybe he turns into a younger or better version of Dubois? If that’s the case we have the luxury of deciding whether we want a centre core of Suzuki, Dach & Dubois for probably around $25M+, or if we want to spend the Dubois $ on a different asset like a goalie or elite winger/Dman.


You can never have enough good centres. Decades ago, we had Beliveau, Richard and Lemaire. We also won a couple of SC..good centres are like good D men..not easy to find. So if we can sign all 3 and not break the bank..sounds like a good plan to me.


Agreed. It’ll be all about the money for this to be feasible.


Montreal has had trouble signing top FAs in the past because it had no clear team direction. With the team on the upswing and the lines not set in stone, MTL can sign one or two top FAs in next 2/3 years who will be exciting to watch. PLD, if he decides not to sign with MTL and instead changse his mind, will show he wasn’t committed and MTL will be better off.
A team can only acquire so many top FAs with the cap era. Make them count and bring in guys that want to be in MTL!

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