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Canadiens Prospect Power Rankings: A New Reigning Champion



Canadiens prospect Sean Farrell 2

Throughout the year there’s been a lot of movement in the Canadiens prospect power rankings, but mostly in the bottom half of the top 10.

This week, things are different. There’s been a significant shift in the rankings.

Since we started these lists earlier this season, only Lane Hutson and Owen Beck have held the top spot, but the competition has been stiff, and they’ve finally dropped out of the top spots due to a great week from various other exciting players in the Canadiens prospect pool.

Canadiens Prospect Power Rankings Week 10

1. Sean Farrell,  C/LW, Harvard University (NCAA). Drafted: 124th overall (2020), Age: 21

Points This Week: 2 GP, 3 G, 0 A  Season Totals: 17 GP, 10 G, 15 A, 25 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 3rd (+2)

Thanks to an excellent week that included three goals in two games against Clarkson and St-Lawrence, we have a new king of the castle in the Canadiens prospect power rankings.

Beyond his fantastic points-per-game ratio of 1.47, Farrell has established his ability to score in every situation, whether it be even strength, the penalty kill, the power play, or during overtime.

He’s also shooting a lot, as evidenced by his 11 shots in the past two games.

In addition, showed off his skill by scoring one of the nicest goals you’ll ever see from a Canadiens prospect.

Farrell is older than his competition in these rankings, which has held him away from the No.1 spot for the majority of the season, but given his recent push, there’s no denying he’s the Canadiens’ hottest prospect at this point in the season.


2. Riley Kidney, Centre, Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL). Drafted: 63rd overall (2021), Age: 19

Points This Week: 3 GP, 1 G, 9 A. Season Totals: 36 GP, 16 G, 42 A, 58 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 5th (+3)

We wanted to see what Riley Kidney could do on a strong team, without the shackles of being the only player worth covering dragging him down.

And the results have been fantastic.

Kidney continued his excellent play with the Gatineau Olympiques, scoring a goal and nine (!) assists in three games since we last ranked Canadiens prospects.

Since joining his new team, he has scored two goals and added 11 assists in just five games, including a goose egg in his first game following the trade.

It’s not just good production, it’s ridiculous production. Fantastical production. Shamboolalyflickerplonk production.

Okay, I made that last one up, but much like Kidney in almost every game this season, you get the point.

I’ve always held back from pushing Kidney beyond the top 3, due to concerns about his skillset translating to the NHL, but his production is simply too strong to ignore.


3. Joshua Roy, Right Wing, Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL). Drafted: 150th overall (2021), Age: 19

Points This Week: 3 GP, 3 G, 5 A  Season Totals: 29 GP, 21 G, 30 A, 51 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 5th (+2)

If not for Kidney’s ridiculous week, Roy would probably be sitting in second at the moment, due to his eight points since returning to action for the Sherbrooke Phoenix.

He seems to have been invigorated by his excellent showing at the 2023 World Junior Championship, which is a great sign for a player that doesn’t always seem to have the motivation to be at his best.

4. Owen Beck, Centre, Peterborough Petes (OHL). Drafted: 32nd overall (2022), Age: 18

Last Week: 3 GP, 1 G, 0 A  Season Totals: 33 GP, 18 G, 23 A, 41 PTS

Previous Ranking: 1st

It may sound harsh, but one relatively poor week of production combined with an excellent week from other prospects was enough to drop Beck to his lowest ranking of the season.

On that note, we should not be too worried about Beck’s recent downtick in production. He’s learning the ropes with a new team, and his talent is undoubtedly going to break through in the near future given his incredibly well-rounded skill set.

If anything, the sudden drop in rank is indicative of the talent populating the Canadiens prospect pool.


5. Lane Hutson, Defenceman, Boston University (NCAA). Drafted: 62nd overall (2022) Age: 18

Points This Week:  2GP, 1 G, 1 A. Season Totals: 20 GP, 8 G, 14 A, 22 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 3rd (-2)

Once again, we’re dealing with a rather harsh decision when it comes to Hutson’s drop in the rankings.

He did, after all, earn two points in two games, maintaining the point-per-game pace he set in the very first game of his NCAA career.

He also scored a clutch game-winning goal for Boston University, his fourth game-winner of the season. In a lesser prospect pool, he’d still be among the two best players.



6. Jared Davidson, Centre, Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL). Drafted: 130th overall. Age: 20

Points This Week: 3 GP, 0 G, 3 A. Season Totals: 35 GP, 21 G, 33 A, 54 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 7th (+1)

Another week, another strong showing from the overager, who is presently tied for 7th in WHL scoring.

Jared Davidson is also tied for third in shots, trailing only some guy called Connor Bedard and Ryan Hofer, another overage player.

He keeps producing and keeps moving up our prospect rankings without any indication he’s going to slow down.


7. Filip Mesar, Right Wing, Kitchener Rangers (OHL). Drafted: 26th overall (2022). Age: 18

Points This Week: 3 GP, 0 G, 0 A Season Totals: 22 GP, 10 G, 14 A, 24 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 6th (-1)

Mesar failed to register a single point this week, putting an exclamation mark on his disappointing return to the OHL following a strong showing at the World Junior Championship.

He has just two points in five games in January, which simply isn’t good enough to maintain his rank, especially seeing as Mesar is a first-round pick.


8. Adam Engstrom, Defenceman. Rogle BK Angelholm (SHL). Drafted: 92nd overall (2022), Age: 19

Points This Week: 2 GP, 1 G, 0 A Season Totals: 25 GP, 4 G, 2 A, 5 PTS.

Previous Rank: 8th

Adam Engstrom’s smooth-skating and offensive instinct led to another goal, and though his overall season point totals may not seem to be very impressive, it’s worth remembering he’s just turned 19 years old and is playing professional hockey on a team’s top pairing, which is the epitome of a daunting task.


9. Logan Mailloux, Defenceman, London Knights (OHL). Drafted: 31st overall (2021), Age: 19

Points This Week: 3 GP, 1 G, 1 A. Season Totals: 31 GP, 13 G, 15 A, 28 PTS.

Previous Ranking: 10th (+1)

We’ve come to expect a lot of offence from Logan Mailloux, which is probably unreasonable given he’s a defenceman.

But in recent weeks, he’s playing like much more than just a defenceman that’s stronger than his opponents and owns a very heavy, borderline NHL-ready shot.

His positioning is improving, as is his decision-making, two crucial aspects when it comes to making the jump to the NHL.

In addition to his goal and his assist, Mailloux took an impressive fourteen shots on net in just three games this week, which is the type of shot rate that usually leads to a significant influx of scoring.


10. Jakub Dobes, Goaltender, Ohio State (NCAA), Drafted: 

Stats This Week: 2 GP, 1 Win,  0.860 SV%.  Season Totals: 15-8-1, 0.920 SV%, 2 SO.

Previous Ranking: 9th (-1)

Jakub Dobes allowed four goals against for just the fifth time this season during a disappointing 4-2 loss to Michigan State, but given his overall numbers his season, the recent blemish on his record can be easily overlooked.

It’s also worth noting there’s a bevy of new players in the ‘Best Of The Rest’ category, due to all several Laval Rocket players earning a promotion to the NHL, which lessened the competition for the last spot on the top 10.


Best Of The Rest

11. Oliver Kapanen (unchanged). 12. Cedrick Guindon (new) 13. Anthony Richard (unchanged), 14. Petteri Nurmi (new) 15. Emil Heineman (new).


The Canadiens’ prospect power rankings are based on the overall season, as well as the most recent week of action.

Factors such as the strength of a prospect’s team, the league in which they play, their age, and expectations related to their draft position will also be considered.

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Pierre B.

I really like Riley Kidney, but I cannot understand the amount of disrespect that Joshua Roy gets here. Let’s look at the facts. Both play in the same league. Roy has 1.75 points per game so far this season, Kidney, 1.61; Roy has 0.72 goal per game, Kidney, 0.50. Both prospects played 3 games this week. Kidney had 1 more points (9 vs 8), but Roy had 2 more goals (3 vs 1). Roy made Team Canada and really deserved his second WJC-20 goal medal; Kidney fell just short of making the team. Finally, Kidney is 4 months older than Roy.

There’s not much difference between “Roy doesn’t always seem to have the motivation to be at his best” and “Roy is a clutch player who can elevate his game when it matters the most”; it’s two sides of a same coin.

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