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Canadiens Owen Beck To Join Team Canada For World Juniors



Montreal Canadiens prospect Owen Beck

Montreal Canadiens prospect Owen Beck is on his way to the World Juniors after an injury forced Team Canada to call on him for reinforcements.

Having originally been cut by Team Canada a few weeks ago, Owen Beck is now going to come in and help Canada try to win a gold medal, as the group stage concluded on December 31.

The reason for Beck’s call-up is due to the unfortunate shoulder injury sustained by Colton Dach (Chicago) during Canada’s game against Sweden on Saturday night.

But, in tournaments like this, injury means an opportunity for someone else; and Owen Beck has received the call.

The 18-year-old is going to be a big boost to a Team Canada roster, as they head toward the toughest part of the tournament.


A recent rule added by the IIHF to the World Juniors allows teams to carry 25 players with them to the tournament, while only being able to register 23 to actually play; meaning they would have two reserve players.

Most teams in the tournament brought 25 players to Halifax and Moncton, but Canada did not.

As a favour to junior clubs in the CHL, and with Canada having home turf advantage this year, Team Canada decided to go with 23 players to allow the players that would have been their reserves to continue playing in their respective leagues.

Due to proximity, it would be easier for them to recall a player from the CHL in an instant, but would only do so if they were absolutely forced to do it, like right now.

The injury to Dach put Canada to 22 skaters, meaning they need for a reserve was needed; and they believed Beck was the guy that could come in and fill in the role; rather than a returnee like fellow Montreal Canadiens prospect, Riley Kidney.

Beck got the call prior to the New Year and was on a flight from Toronto to Halifax by 9 am the next morning to join his teammates today.

With Team Canada set to play against Slovakia on January 2nd at 6:30 p.m. ET, one could expect Beck to have joined the team in time for a practice. It remains to be seen if he will play a game, or sit on the sidelines as an extra.

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Habs WJC

Beck shouldn’t miss a beat when he gets his chance with Canada . As maybe the top prospect for the Habs , he should be able to fit in nicely given the performances of Mesar , Roy, Engstrom , Hutson and Kapanen , he could have easily been on the team from the beginning.

Last edited 28 days ago by Habs WJC

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