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Top Montreal Canadiens Moments Of 2022



Montreal Canadiens

2022 was a year to remember for the Montreal Canadiens and their fans; full of ups and downs, tragedy and little miracles, all part of a special year that will go down as one of the most memorable in recent years.

It was hard to pick out specific moments, so we put down a list below of the biggest moments of 2022 for fans to look back on with a watchful eye on what looks like a potentially bright future.

See our list below:

Canadiens Bring In New Blood

The Montreal Canadiens brought in Kent Hughes on January 18, and then Martin St-Louis on February 9; both moves rocking the foundation of the Canadiens to the core.

Canadiens Honour Guy Lafleur

Late April 2022 was a time of mourning in Montreal

The tragic loss of Guy Lafleur at the age of 71 shook the hockey world on April 22, just a week after the great Mike Bossy had passed away, made for a terribly dark time.

The Montreal Canadiens put on a tribute that would put anything you have seen in your life to shame. The emotion, the memories and the tingles made for one of the most unforgettable Bell Centre moments of all time.

Canadiens Win Draft Lottery

The Montreal Canadiens came into the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery with the best odds to take home the 1st overall pick. Despite the highest odds, the elation of Canadiens fans when they finally secure the right to pick No. 1 for the first time in over 40 years was felt worldwide.

Canadiens Draft Juraj Slafkovsky

Leading up to the the 2022 NHL Draft, the fiery battle over who the Montreal Canadiens were to select at No.1 created some intense online back and forth; with some even posting mistake-highlight videos to prop their stance.

Well, the Canadiens kept everyone guessing until the very end and ended up selecting Juraj Slafkovsky over the favourite Shane Wright, to the shock and eventual delight of Canadiens fans.

Kirby Dach Trade

The shock value wasn’t done at the drafting of Slafkovsky, as not 20 minutes later, the Canadiens proceeded to execute one of the most exciting three-way trades in recent memory; and it was made even better by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman (I know, I know).

Egging on the Canadiens faithful, Bettman’s announcement of flurry of trades that eventually brought Kirby Dach to La Belle Province. It felt like a Game 7 overtime goal had just been scored, the loudest I have ever heard the Bell Centre live.


Carey Price Gets Potentially Last Career Win

Following Carey Price‘s health all year has been a trying task for journalists and capologists, as the veteran netminder had many ups and downs in his quest to return to play.

While Price did come back for a final stretch of games, it looked like he was going to miss the final game of the season. Thankfully, a last-minute change saw Price draw in fopr the final game of the 2021-2022 season, where he recorded what could likely be the final win of his career on April 29.


Cole Caufield Buzzer Beater vs Flyers

In one of the most exciting moments of the season, Cole Caufield was able to help the Canadiens mount a memorable comeback against the visting Philadelphia Flyers.

With the goalie pulled and a couple of seconds left on the board in a 4-3 game the Flyers were leading, Nick Suzuki slid a pass to Cole Caufield who fired home a one-timer.

It was a moment that ignited the Bell Centre, pushed the game to overtime (and an eventual win, and game us one of the most tame John Tortorella reactions of all time.

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Hope the second half won’t be done bad for Canadiens

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