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Canadiens Did Not Snub One Of Their Best Defencemen



canadiens defenceman markov and subban

When the Montreal Canadiens announced they would honour P.K. Subban on Jan.12’s game against the Nashville Predators, the discussion took a predictable, if not unfortunate turn.

Thankfully, the contrived ire has been put to rest.

While it’s clear Subban’s track record in Montreal is worthy of a celebration, some fans pointed to another former Canadiens blueline that also deserved some recognition: Andrei Markov.

Among Canadiens defencemen, Markov finished his tenure in Montreal second all-time in points, games played, and game-winning goals.

If not for Larry Robinson’s dominance with the dynasty teams of the 70s, Markov would have finished his career leading all Canadiens defencemen in several important statistical categories.

Of course, the franchise is well aware Markov played an important role on the team for the better part of two decades and also reached out to Subban’s one-time defensive partner.

There’s only one problem.

Markov is working.

He’s an assistant coach in the KHL for Spartak Moskva, whose roster includes another former Canadiens defender, Alexei Emelin.

Chantal Machabée, the Canadiens’ affable Vice President of Communications, clarified the situation on Wednesday via a text message to analyst Martin Lemay, who then relayed the information to the public.

Unsurprisingly, the Canadiens did not suddenly forget about one of the best defencemen in franchise history.


“Chantal wrote me to clarify,” said Lemay. “The Canadiens wanted to do the ceremony with P.K. (Subban) and Markov, together. It’s difficult for Andrei (Markov) because he has prior engagements in the KHL that are preventing him from crossing an ocean.”

Though Markov is busy coaching in the KHL, Lemay seemed to imply Machabée suggested an Andrei Markov honouring ceremony should take place at some point in the future.

“Instead of cancelling it because one of the players couldn’t be present, they will go forth with the P.K. ceremony and reschedule the Markov event.”