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GOTTA SEE IT: Canadiens St-Louis On “Reverse Retro Curse”



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Montreal Canadiens Head Coach Martin St-Louis has not been happy as of late, but he still gave a hilarious answer regarding his take on the “Reverse Retro Curse”.

When asked whether he was superstitious about the supposed Reverse Retro curse, St-Louis had a hilarious reaction.

“Yeah…. yeah,” said St-Louis, visibly holding back his views on the question.

When another journalist followed up by asking him if it was a good question, St-Louis gave a look that pierced through the soul of any onlooker and proceeded to shake his head in disapproval.

Let’s just say that St-Louis had a very frustrating 48 hours with back-to-back games ending in disappointing fashion, and was rightfully not in the mood for superstitions regarding the Montreal Canadiens’ third jersey.

It was the second interesting post-game presser in a row, as St-Louis had another colourful reaction on Wednesday night after the Ottawa Senators game.

When it came time to talk to reporters after the game, St-Louis was showing shades of his former coach, John Tortorella, giving colourful responses to reporters who asked him questions about the officiating.

“You guys watched the game? Then I think you know my answer,” said St-Louis on what he thought of the officiating.

St-Louis’ patience had been zapped by the frustrating game he witnessed, and few could blame him, as he continued to answer questions from the crowd of reporters in Ottawa.

“What do you think broke our momentum in the second? – No, I get it, but what did you see?” asked St-Louis in response to a question about the Montreal Canadiens’ difficult second period.

When the reporter responded with “penalties”, St-Louis met him with an affirmative and moved on to the next question.

Considering how calm St-Louis was after the MontrealCanadiens’ tougher losses of the season, including their collapse against the Vancouver Canucks earlier this month, it was really interesting to see him so fired up as of late.

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