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Canadiens Geoff Molson Talks Expansion, Stance On Quebec City



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With talks of expansion in the air, and Quebec City always a possibility, Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson provided his stance on the situation.

In an interview that can be streamed on TVA Sports, Canadiens owner and President, Geoff Molson was asked about the recent talks of expansion that have been murmured around the league as of late.

Although he said that expansion wasn’t openly discussed at this week’s Board of Governors meeting in Florida, it’s something he would gladly support, especially if Quebec City were involved.

“We haven’t discussed expansion during this meeting, so it’s not in the immediate future,” said Molson on the potential for more teams in the NHL. “But if ever Quebec became a candidate, I would support completely support it.”

There have been reports in the past, like that of former Montreal Canadiens Head Coach Michel Therrien, that Molson would never approve a return to Quebec City, because it could potentially eat up his revenue potential.

Molson quickly put those worries to bed, assuring fans the Canadiens would be fiscally unaffected and that it would make for some intense rivalry, which could, in fact, increase revenues and media attention for both clubs.

“In the NHL, we have a few states and provinces that have two or more teams and the rivalries are intense,” said Molson on why Quebec has his full backing to return. “And that rivalry (between Montreal and Quebec City) was incredible. In our province, to see that again, would be amazing and wouldn’t hinder the Canadiens in the slightest.”

Molson concluded his interview stating that this is his official position for the record and that, if ever Quebec City was brought to the Governor’s table in the future, he would jump to support it.

“I’ve always had this stance and I continue to say it publicly,” said Molson, wanting to see the NHL’s return to Quebec City. “There is no situation where I wouldn’t support the NHL’s return to Quebec.”

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Curtis Ault

Sadly, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. However, I’m with Geoff Molson on seeing the Nordiques return, if that is what he truly means with that statement.

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