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GOTTA SEE IT: Edmundson Ejected For Cross-Checking Hyman



Montreal Canadiens

Joel Edmundson put the Montreal Canadiens in hot water, as he was ejected from the game for a cross-check to Zach Hyman’s head early in the second period against the Edmonton Oilers.

The veteran defenceman was a little too aggressive on the play and got his stick up high on Hyman, who stayed on the ice for a long while after the point of contact.

The officials called the penalty right away, but went to review the play to see what the extent of the penalty would be.

After a review, they decided that the play warranted a five-minute major, ejecting Joel Edmundson from the game and handing the Edmonton Oilers their second of what would be three separate 5-on-3s in the second period alone.

Edmundson put his team in some hot water, as they were forced to finish the game with five defencemen, three of which are rookies. The Oilers completely took control of the game from this point on and left the Canadiens absolutely no room to breathe, as they continued to try and keep up.

Due to the initial point of contact being the head, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Edmundson face some supplemental discipline in the next few days, as the NHL is looking to cut down on needless cross-checks to the head.

Edmundson doesn’t have a long history of suspensions in his careers, but, with Hyman shook up and the awarding of a major penalty after review, it’s very likely that Edmundson will have to sit out for a game or two in the next few days.

Thankfully the Montreal Canadiens began this roadtrip with eight defencemen on the roster, as they would not have been able to recall a player to take Edmundson’s spot on the roster, as they currently sit at 23 players on the roster.



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