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How Canadiens Could Gain Leverage On Trade Market



Montreal Canadiens

Many NHL clubs are looking to make moves sooner than later, and the Montreal Canadiens holding off puts them at an advantage down the line.

With teams like the Vegas Golden Knights and the New York Islanders, amongst many others, looking to make a deal sooner than later, the Canadiens will be in an advantageous situation if they remain patient.

The Canadiens have some assets that could be of great value to teams in Stanley Cup contention, but even more for teams that are in the playoff bubble as we get closer to the NHL Trade Deadline.

Defence At A Premium In February

As the market for defencemen continues to heat up, the eventual trade of Jakob Chychrun is sure to unclog the market for defencemen and that’s when the Canadiens can capitalize.

The continued progression of youngsters like Kaiden Guhle, Arber Xhekaj, Jordan Harris at the NHL level, and Justin Barron in the AHL could prompt the Canadiens to put Joel Edmundson on the market.

With the Canadiens looking to play a fast and skilled game moving forward, the Canadiens would likely choose to keep Mike Matheson over Joel Edmundson as the veteran presence on the left side.

Having both Matheson and Edmundson in the same lineup would create an unnecessary logjam long-term, but that could be a different story come Trade Deadline.

As the youngsters continue to grow and take on more responsibility for the Canadiens, Edmundson would become more and more expendable and could be flipped for future assets without hurting the present or future of the team.

It would follow the trend set by Kent Hughes of selling high on players, while having the immediate means to replace the traded asset.

Kent Hughes’ Vision Fulfilled

When Kent Hughes acquired Sean Monahan from the Calgary Flames, it wasn’t just about getting a 1st round pick from the Calgary Flames in return.

The idea was always to see what his value would eventually be, as a pending free agent, come the NHL Trade Deadline.

Weighing the pros and cons of trading Monahan is sure to spark conversation among the fan base, but the reality is, if Monahan could return more than what Ben Chiarot did last Trade Deadline, the Montreal Canadiens owe it to themselves to make such a move and further maximize what will go down as one of the best trades in recent memory.

The Canadiens need not rush into anything though, as Monahan’s value will only increase as he continues to show that his past injuries are behind him. If he can continue to maintain a 50-point pace, all while displaying great 200-foot awareness, he’ll be one of the top fish on the NHL trade market and could return a haul.

Some teams are already rumoured to be circling around Monahan, such as the Colorado Avalanche, but, by holding off and creating a market for their centre, the Canadiens will be able to properly measure Monahan’s value to the organization against his maximum worth on the trade market.

They’ll be able to make the most educated decision possible by that point.

More Time To Build Up Value

It could be tempting to move a player like Mike Hoffman or Evgenii Dadonov right now, if just to get rid of their contracts.

However, gaining more time to help these players increase their value on the trade market might be a more valuable endeavour than simply selling them off for scraps.

After slow starts, both players have looked much better as of late, which bodes well for their future production.

The hope is that both continue to trend in the right direction in order to make them more attractive on the trade market and help the Canadiens gain an extra pick or player in the process.

One shouldn’t expect a king’s ransom for either player, but going from negative value to positive value would already be a huge win for the Montreal Canadiens, making the wait well worth it.

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Have you been in touch with HUGO to help them out on the future of the Habs.


Why would you assume Matheson Over our Assistant Captain Edmundston who’s likely to re-sign to MTL for Less ?

Matheson to LAK for Roy and a pick or prospect.
He fits LAK needs as they’re playing 6/7 D as right shots.
This is while holding down Spence and Grans who in 25/32 teams are in the NHL.

They need Roy and Walked gone but Walkers usually on IR so really its Roy’s contract they need moved out. While he’s not French but an American with French heritage like Francis Boulion he can learn it over time if he wants but the French name alone gives Quebec Fanatics a win.

Petry to Matheson to Roy was the best Hughes could do to get a good return.
With LAK being in the position they are and Hughes constantly meeting with their GM about defense since arriving in MTL it makes sense.

Like he does he’ll find out what a team needs and how to exploit that at the right time to gain leverage for a bigger payday. He did it with FLA and CGY last year and to a lesser extent waiting to sell Kulak until EDM agreed to include a 2nd round pick in the bundle.

Eddy may be easier to move short term but he’s also injury prone and unlikely to get any real return because of it as he’s also not having a typical year for himself. Though it doesnt mean much to most he’s usually one of the top guys in the league in +/- on ice for less goals then anyone on the team usually also. This year thats not the case as for the 1st time in years he has no consistent Defense Partner and its showing to be a problem for him.

Unless Eddy’s play picks up smart money is on Hughes doing to Matheson what he did with Toffoli and trading him despite fans or teams opinions really mattering. Plus again Eddy will likely re-sign for less and stay because even when he’s on IR hes a good mentor to the boys always on the ice and there to show support during home games. They can all go and be replaced by a 6’5 Defensman who plays like that cant which is why big guys like Coburn and Chara took on lesser roles on ice while increasing their role as mentor’s to stay on competitive teams even during rebuilds or retools.


Dadanov was already negative value before he got here. It’s most likely to only look worse by the deadline. While also blocking younger players from getting ice time.

With more cap space, we can take on a contenders problem(who is on final year or two of his contract and get another asset).

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