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Montreal Canadiens Linked To Calgary Flames, Options For Trade



Montreal Canadiens

The Calgary Flames are looking for some scoring punch and could be a logical partner for the Montreal Canadiens, having shown significant interest in one of their forwards in the past.

On a recent segment of 32 Thoughts, NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman mentioned how the Calgary Flames continue to be on the lookout for scoring help, especially amid their slow start to the season.

According to Friedman, it’s an area of significant need, as the Flames have had trouble keeping up offensively with the rest of their rivals and could use the boost to better even out their lines at the moment.

“I heard this week that the Flames are looking for a scoring forward,” said Friedman on the situation with the Flames.”I’ve been told that’s been going on since August.”

The Flames have had some calls in the last month, with one NHL source confirming the Montreal Canadiens have been one of those teams; but, as of yet, nothing has materialized.

Calgary’s Interest In Josh Anderson

One scoring forward that has been of high interest to the Flames in the past has been Josh Anderson.

TSN’s Salim Valji confirmed the Flames’ interest in Anderson in a tweet on Friday; stating that he’s been a player of interest for a long time, but couldn’t find the right deal to get it done.

Anderson would make a ton of sense in Calgary for many reasons; his size, speed and toughness. The only issue is his $5.5M price tag and whether general manager Kent Hughes would even consider letting him go.

To make such a move, the Canadiens would likely have to take back a significant short-term contract like that of Milan Lucic ($5.25M) that would expire at the end of the year, or a combination of players to make the move work fiscally.

If the Canadiens were ever to move Anderson however, it would take a haul for Hughes, who has refused offers in the past that have included 1st round picks.

You would have to think that Hughes would ask for Jakob Pelletier or Matthew Coronato and the Flames’ 1st round pick in 2023 as a starter, but is general manager Brad Treliving at that point of desperation yet? Unlikely.

Could Mike Hoffman Be A More Logical Target?

One player that could make a ton of sense for the Flames, who are in a win-now situation, is Mike Hoffman.

The Canadiens veteran has woken up from his early season slumber and has become one of the more dangerous forwards on the team as of late, potting four goals in his last three games and looking like a player transformed as of late.

Hoffman would fit in exactly what the Flames are looking for as a pure goal-scorer with playoff experience that is in the “win-now” part of his career and heating up at the right time.

He can play both wings and could be a big help to their power play at the same time and would cost notably less than Anderson on the NHL trade market.

From a salary cap perspective, Hoffman’s $4.5M contract, valid until the end of the 2023-2024 season, is far less of a long-term risk and easier for the Flames to incorporate within their structure.

It might take some gymnastics, as the Flames have under $50,000 in cap space at the moment, but the Canadiens have the flexibility to make such a deal work.

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Why would Calgary want Anderson. I live in Calgary. Stop with the rubbish


Simple, you got Lewis playing Huberdeau’s opposite wing.
IMO that’s like skating Pezzetta beside Caufield. . . . .

CGY could 100% use a middle 6 winger like Anderson.
That cap vs contract though is a big ask. Not because he doesnt earn it now.
The reality is guys playing his position and style usually retire early due to injuries.

Given Friedman’s reported average was a 1st and a Prospect with NYI, TML,EDM and NSH all linked to Anderson at some point this season. I can see why this trend would continue as the established value.

I personally think Dube will be involved in any deal with Anderson.
I think Jake Evans will be involved also for Cap reason but also because as a Center Evans is more reliable. Dube will be a really great Wing option opposite of Slafkovsky especially with Mesar and Beck likely to start next year. Evans Winrate this year is almost 10% over Dube’s career numbers . While Evans is largely a defensive forward first those around him succeed having big years whether its Lehkonen going out with his only 9 game point streak beside Evans or Pitlick finishing 7th in rookie scoring.

1st in 2023



Calgary likes Dube and would have no interest in Evans.

John Stone

we would neeeeevvvvvver trade for lucic ! hes a garbage player!

Pierre B.

The CH would not trade for Lucic according to this article, Lucic would a salary dump to make a deal work. Hughes is said to be targeting a 1st rounder + a quality prospect. Calgary has several quality prospects. First, there are 3 forwards: Jakob Pelletier (LW), Connor Zary (C), Matthew Coronato (RW); and then, there is a goalie: Dustin Wolf. Any of these prospects would be a meaningful addition to our pipeline. While it would be an hefty price to pay for Calgary, it’s not like Anderson would be a rental. As trade rumour goes, this one is believable.


I like pelletier so does calgary. Being a LWer i dont see a fit right now. We drafted slaf and if reports r tru marty thinks dach long t3rm is better as a winger then as a center we should be focusing on finding a permanent young 2nd line or younf true 1st line center to fit this group.


Mesar has been found , did you miss camp?
Slafkovsky-Mesar is your 2nd line foundation
Similar to how you build around Suzuki-Caufield
You’ll have to find a Dach type that fits their needs.

Beck is a lock for 3rd line as our top Center at camp/presason with 72% taking faceoffs with both Left and Right hands with over 50% win rate he’s a unique prospect. He also out played every player at camp bar none.

We still got Mysak in AHL with Kidney and Kapanen all set to be key Centers for their U20 teams this christmas. They’ll be maturing in the AHL together competing for Jake Evans job long term. The others will have to move to wing if they want to make the jump to the NHL

Thats not all our Center’s just the one’s ready soon at NHL and AHL levels. Really i think Sean Farrel is our best Center prospect not named Mesar. While he’s really good i see him settling down in a Triplets line situation like Killorn-Johnson-Palat did for years.

Center is more then filled past this year.
For this year we got Monahan and Dvorak helping Suzuki and Evans.
We’re actually in a great position as 7/10 top 10 picks this year in the draft are Center capable and 5/10 are primary Centers.


I don’t trade Anderson unless we get Jakob Pelletier (LW), and one of Connor Zary (C), Matthew Coronato (RW); Would even retain or take a bad contract back.

As for Hoffman, maybe the oilers are also interested in him with Kane injured for a few months. Would be good with mcdavid on the pp.


LOL, dream on!


Well, I’m good with keeping Anderson unless it’s an overpayment.


His final 2 choices were MTL and EDM.
He was this close to be a MTL Canadien
Spoke Highly about what it’d mean to be part of MTL History.

I’d take him in 3 seconds flat with all the rookies we have this year coupled with the fact Mesar and Beck are in a similar position to Ghule and Xhekaj last year tearing Junior a new Ahole. They’re primed to have good years and come up on a high note which is why Hughes has been working the phones to move out not only our RFA’s but Dvorak too as he continue’s to have a strong year.

Lucic’s the type of guy you want around to take those game ejections so Xhekaj doesnt earn a reputation his first year that follows him his career with the NHL Ref’s. Besides if we could rebound him as a pending UFA getting him now then flipping him for a pick like Scandella where we got a 2nd round pick and the 4th we spent on him for 6 weeks work.

Re-sign Lucic in the Summer after flipping him to a contender.
Then place him beside Gallagher with Beck on 3rd line next year.
He’ll clear a ton of space for both linemate’s or on 4th with Evans and Armia .
No matter where he is Lucic would be a welcomed addition. At worst showing Xhekaj how to switch grips to gain leverage in a fight you’re opponent’s strenth matches your own. Few are as good at shaking loose and dropping bombs as Lucic.


If Anderson gets moved it will be at the deadline….Hoffman does make sense and we can afford to take a bad contract back if the player/prospect coming back is a A level prospect!


I think someone on CGY will be injured soon
They’ll miss enough time that it will buy CGY space .

I think its more likely Dube comes back
He’s busted as a Center the level CGY needs
That said he’s a really good 2 way player and goal scorer.
Reminds me of Byron where you can play him center but he’ll lose 2/3 faceoffs.
Similar level as a Goal Scorer to if not slightly below.

2nd round pick




Not happening.

The only way the Flames would consider Hoffman would be as a deadline rental. Even then he’d have to come with 50% retention and the acquisition cost would have to be cheap.

The Flames don’t need Dube at center either though it’s always nice to have wingers who can play center too.

Last edited 24 days ago by MoxNix

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