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Canadiens Sean Monahan Potential Option For Avalanche



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens will be looking to move veteran forwards as the season progresses, and Sean Monahan’s name is already being linked to potential suitors.

NHL insider Pierre Lebrun went over the list of centres that are likely to be available this trade deadline, and Monahan figured among them.

Specifically as it pertained to the Colorado Avalanche, who, among a few other teams, will be in the market for a second-line centre, Monahan seemed to fit the bill as a potential option down the road.

“A healthy Sean Monahan (also a pending UFA) from Montreal could be another option for Colorado,” said Lebrun when discussing some of the options available to the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

Jonathan Toews and Ryan O’Reilly were also mentioned as potential suitors for the Avalanche, should they look to look to fill the need for a second-line centre.

Monahan is an interesting piece and likely to be among the most coveted centres come trade deadline.

He’s currently being tasked with holding down a make-shift third line with an ever-changing cast of linemates, and still maintains some of the best underlying numbers on the team.

Monahan also has a unique combination of offensive ability, offensive prowess and dominance in the faceoff circle that will come in handy in the playoffs, especially now that he’s at full health.

Until then, the Montreal Canadiens will continue looking to build up a market for their veteran players, which also includes Evgenii Dadonov and Jonathan Drouin, amongst others.

Should Monahan continue to play as well as he has, while maintaining his strong underlying numbers, he may indeed be the needed piece for Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes to acquire a third 1st round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft.

The next few weeks will go a long way in determining his true worth on the market, but interest in his services will likely be high, given his full bill of health.

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Foolishness. 2nd line center. 28 yrs old. I think Beck will be 3rd line center next year.


I think Monahan has been a pleasant surprise for sure but I don’t know if it’s time to jump on the idea of trading him yet. If he’s 100%, Monahan has been a 30 goal scorer and a good 200’ centre. Those players don’t fall off haybales. I think if the price is right, it’s worth keeping him for his veteran presence and a good example for Beck and young centres to model. I expect Druin, Hoffman and even some others to go before Monahan unless it’s for a great return. My 2 cents


That makes no sense Beck isnt coming up this season.
He’s currently projected to be at the World Juniors for his first ever Team Canada invite after he Mastered taking Faceoffs with his off hand his Stocks went way up. He was always good in many area’s like Danault in Junior he was good but not Team Canada Good. That said while Danault was learning Russian to help bridge the jump to QMJHL from Russia for Barbashev and Jaskin who were struggling to find success before Danault. Beck in contrast isnt the Leader that Danault always was so he was able to focus on his own personal goals and improving his game.

Steelheads are about the 4th-5th best OHL team this year depending on whom you ask but really lack Starpower and Grit like Hamilton Bulldogs before they acquired Mctavish and Xhekaj last year before goinging on a Memorial Cup Run falling just shy in the finals.

Steelheads are built similar to Bulldogs last year where they have a really solid core but need to go out and find two 20/21 year old veterans to lead .Which ive got no doubt they’ll do as Kitchner Rangers for Example arent in a position to compete but had big addition of Mesar they were not expecting to see. He’ll likely be traded for a small fortune for 9 points in 7 games with 7 goals and top 15 in OHL Faceoffs. Given how poor his team is and how its core’s already established while Mesar’s made do by elevating his 3rd pair wingers and by proxy his line to 2nd line minutes.

You put Mesar and Beck as a 1-2 Punch in your top 6 while bolstering your back end to protect your Rookie 18 year old Swizz Goalie. I expect with the Steelheads knowing this is Owen Beck’s last year and they arent getting the time frame they expected as his development has surged that they’ll invest in a push for a Memorial Cup before Rebuild

We can always re-sign Monahan in the summer after he wins a Cup with COL.
But to be honest unless we trade Dvorak or Evans i dont see the point as he’ll be pushed to wing anyways. Much easier just to Weaponize our Cap again and take on another Monahan situation.

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