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Canadiens Juraj Slafkovsky Receives Some Good & Bad News



Juraj Slafkovsky

Montreal Canadiens rookie Juraj Slafkovsky received some good and bad news when he showed up at practice on Monday.

Slafkovsky has been upping his quality of play after every game so far this season and looks more and more like an NHL player as the days go by.

The Canadiens were going to have to make a choice with their young forward, as he is about to play his 10th game of the season on Tuesday, thereby burning the first year of his entry-level contract.

The Canadiens could have done the easy thing and sent Slafkovsky to the Laval Rocket, especially given their current logjam at forward, but instead decided to waive Rem Pitlick on Monday in order to make space for the returning Evgenii Dadonov.

In waiving Pitlick, the Canadiens ensured that the 18-year-old would be suiting up for his 10th game of the season and will be sticking around in Montreal for a little while longer.

The Bad News

Let’s start off by saying that the good news far outweighs the bad news here, as Slafkovsky has shown a high level of humility so far and is simply happy to be playing in the NHL at this point.

That being said, despite the Canadiens choosing to play him for his 10th game, he is once again expected to be playing on the fourth line in the Canadiens’ upcoming matchup with the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday.

Slafkovsky has shown some significant growth at even strength over the last few games and has been one of the only forwards providing some secondary offence outside of the top line so far this season.

With Pitlick waived and Josh Anderson serving a two-game suspension, it would have been a just reward for Slafkovsky to gain some more ice time and play with players of high skill. It would be interesting for the Canadiens to try him, even for a small period of time, in the role he will eventually occupy with the Canadiens for the coming years; if only to get a glimpse of his true readiness.

It was a day sprinkled with some good and bad news, but there’s flexibility for Juraj Slafkovsky to grow even more.

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Gotta Disagree his progress hasnt been that good nor has the coach rewarded him as they cut his minutes regularly down to just 11minutes now. Not because others are pushing him out because as the article states outside top line its all pretty inconsistent.

His minutes have been cut because PP time goes down so does his minutes.
WPG we were short handed 4 times to 2 in a OT game and he played 8 minutes .
The tougher the game , the less time on PP the more MSL has to bench him .

With Xhekaj taking penalties like he is its helping many on the team especially Slafkovsky who was run into atleast once i remember triggering a fight i think with kallstetic. But the downside is when were on PK even in a game with OT we can risk Slafkovsky

Is he good at scoring ? sure
Will that sustain him alone in the NHL? Nope
He better pray to god he doesnt get injured either as he’s had 2 particularly scary moment in one hit and 1 shot of the inside of his skate that looked nasty.

Does Slappy need a season in Laval ? More like 15 games
That’s all it would take to get a rhythm going and points produced.
Reality is he’s played with everyone so far but Suzuki and Caufield.
Issue is Caufield and him didnt mesh in the Preseason while Suzuki was out.
Since its not even been attempted as Slafkovsky was in Caufields Spots screwing up his flow and MSL just wont have any one screwing with Caufield.

I’d send him down , bring him up then put him with Evans and Armia.
Defensively they can cover him and cycle him the puck at good rate’s.
They just need him to be the trigger man for this to succeed while creating secondary chances for Armia down low.

Or Bench Xhekaj and cut out penalties in half.
But if you do that you leave our players open to injury including Slafkovsky.
But a PP player who isnt trusted 5v5 cant survive on a team killing 3-5 penalties a game.


Sorry Billy, you don’t quite get how hard it is to play in the NHL and that MSL is taking it slowly with Slaf. We are only 9 games into his career, so there is no concern about his minutes at this point. Perhaps you did not know or maybe you forgot, but Suzuki started as a winger on the 4th line when he made the team. He turned out pretty good, so chill out and let the experts deal with Slaf’s development.

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