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Canadiens Reveal New Reverse Retro Jersey Inspired By Expos



Montreal Canadiens Retro Reverse Jersey

MONTREAL– With the success of last year’s jersey launch, it’s no surprise the NHL decided to release yet another reverse retro edition for every team in the league, including the Montreal Canadiens.

The last retro reverse jersey, which featured a royal blue base rather than the traditional red or white background, was one of the highest-selling products in the entire organization. But the success did not translate from dollars to results, seeing as the team struggled to win any time they donned their retro gear.

The team is hoping to change their luck this season, but they aren’t straying too far away from last year’s colour pallet.

They are, however, reaching deep into the Montreal nostalgia vault for inspiration, borrowing from the city’s most cherished former sports franchise.

In a fitting decision, the team used No.22 in their release, which happens to be Cole Caufield’s number. A cursory glance at any Canadiens game will reveal Caufield is currently the most popular jersey among all Canadiens fans. It also represents the year in which it was released, but let’s just say it’s a perfect number choice for the team.

The jersey features a powder blue base, which clearly takes from the Montreal Expos’ traditional colour scheme, though the team claims it is inspired by their 1979 Canadiens jersey. As is always the case with the Canadiens, the logo remains unchanged.

There’s no word whether the RBC logo will be present on the jersey.

The 1979 Montreal Canadiens were led by none other than legends Guy Lafleur and Larry Robinson, earning 52 wins throughout the season, and most importantly, a fourth-straight Stanley Cup. It was their 14th Stanley Cup win in just 24 years.

The Canadiens have not yet announced when they’ll be wearing their jerseys, but it’s safe to assume they’ll be featured in a half dozen games throughout the season. Seeing as it’s inspired by the 1979 jersey, the Canadiens will hope for better luck this season as they wear their reverse retro jerseys.


The Canadiens will wear their new retro reverse jersey on the following days: Tuesday, Nov. 15, vs. the New Jersey Devils, Saturday, Dec.10, vs. the Los Angeles Kings, Thursday, December 15 vs. the Anaheim Ducks, Monday, January 9 vs. the Seattle Kraken, Thursday, January 19 vs. the Florida Panthers, Thursday, Jan. 26, vs. the Detroit Red Wings, Tuesday, Jan. 31 vs. the Ottawa Senators, and Saturday, Feb.11,vs. the NY Islanders.

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It will grow on me. The “CH” really pops against the powder blue.

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