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Carey Price Posts Heartfelt Message To Fans On Instagram



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It has likely been a rough couple of weeks for Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, and he took to social media to thank his fans for their support.

With the Canadiens goaltender being on Long-Term Injury Reserve on Wednesday, it will be unlikely that we’ll see Carey Price play for the Montreal Canadiens in the immediate future, if at all. After what has likely been an excruciatingly tedious process for the proud Canadiens goaltender, he took the time to reach out to his fans on Instagram and thank them for their unwavering support over the years. Price has had a very special relationship with the fans since joining the organization over 17 years ago; he’s the longest-tenured Canadiens player by a wide margin and has been the face of the franchise for well over a decade. To see this possibly be the end of his career is bittersweet for fans, but what a ride it was.

Carey Price

When Carey Price ended this past season, he said he played his final game of the season like it could be his last one; and it looks like that may be the case, at least for the immediate future. For a proud and loyal goaltender who couldn’t see himself playing for any other organization but the Montreal Canadiens, Price stayed true to his word and gave his all in the few games he played at the tail-end of the 2021-2022 season. It was later revealed a few weeks ago that the Canadiens star goaltender would be unlikely to play this season due to his knee and that any hope Carey Price has of playing again would be by way of surgery.

Hughes used that foresight to immediately acquire centre Sean Monahan and his $6.3M cap hit from the Calgary Flames along with a conditional 1st round pick, and later put Price on LTIR officially in order to accomodate Kirby Dach‘s new extension. Price’s $10.5M contract will be used to help the Canadiens stay under their modified upper limit of the salary cap going into this season, and we’ll certainly learn more about his status throughout the year. However, if this is indeed the end of the road, it’s been one heck of a ride.

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He said Thank You . . .

Everyone keeps talking like he’s retired.
Ben Bishop case and point had messages like this.
He went 2-3 years before finally retiring

Price is trying to get ready for 1 more run
He doesnt have a lot of hockey left .
But like he showed after re-injuring himself vs OTT
He stayed in the game and even played the next game 11-1 win for MTL

He’s hoping to hang in there long enough for MTL to carry him for once IMO

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