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Montreal Canadiens Could Take Advantage Of NHL Goalie Market



Montreal Canadiens

The NHL goalie market is beginning to heat up and the Montreal Canadiens could be in a prime situation to take advantage.

With multiple teams like the Vegas Golden Knights, Philadelphia Flyers, and Arizona Coyotes and more looking to bolster their goaltending depth prior to training camp, rumblings surrounding names like Jake Allen or James Reimer have started to increase. Montreal Hockey Now learned that Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jake Allen’s name has started to pop up again in trade discussions across the league, and despite the uncertainty in net, there is some sense in making such a trade before training camp. The Montreal Canadiens goaltender has been a sought-after commodity dating back to the 2021 NHL Trade Deadline, and the Habs could likely be testing the waters again should they get some good news regarding Carey Price’s health in the coming month.

“Hearing Jake Allen more. Stars or Coyotes make sense. Both teams have looked into him in the past, I know that,” the source told MHN late Wednesday afternoon. “Depending on what happens with Price, it could make a lot of sense for them and the Canadiens. Let’s say Carey’s good to go or close to by the time the season starts. Then, what if [Jake] Oettinger hasn’t been signed by then or he’s holding out during camp, are you taking the chance on Scott Wedgewood and a call-up as your goalies to start the season if you think you’re a contender this year?”

As of this junction, the list of available goaltenders in the NHL via free agency is razor thin, making the search for potential starting goalies or luxury backup goalies a challenging task for teams. With the Canadiens owning three capable NHL goaltenders on their main roster, they may be inclined to trade Allen, who is set to be a free agent next summer, while the value on goaltending is set to be at a premium. The Canadiens could possibly get more to start the season for a player like Allen, especially if a club has a key netminder go down with an injury prior to or during camp, than he would at the 2022 NHL Trade Deadline. Testing the waters on such conversations would be wise for the Canadiens, especially if Carey Price is trending in the right direction.

Although there is interest in Allen, the Montreal Canadiens don’t necessarily have to trade him, but there are a few reasons why moving him before the season could make a lot of sense for the club. The price for a player like Allen was said to be steep last season and leading up to the 2021 NHL Draft, and Kent Hughes’ patience in retaining his asset could ultimately help him get the high price he has set for his luxury backup goaltender. Given the limited amount of cap space and available goaltenders around the league, it could very well be a perfect storm that the Canadiens could pounce on if the right offer comes along.


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I think should HuGo trade Allen , it will be at the trade deadline. This way they can see how Price is and what they can expect going into the future. If a team wants Allen at the deadline IMO they could get a lot more


He couldnt last TDL there was no market for Goalies
This year same thing you got 3 teams in the market

A Dozen plus like Montembault are set to be waived to start the season.
Increased Goalie depth at the NHL is to blame and while 90% arent good enough to ever become starters or anything more then Back up’s and AHL call ups. It has increased the amount of players we see play in Tandem’s and Threeway Splits in the NHL today

MTL isnt that team
We invest heavily in 1 guy make or break
Huet, Halak, Price, Condon , Price ,Allen ,Price is how its went.
When Price goes down there’s 1 guy who takes the bulk load
Either that or we Trade and wire pick up goalies until we find one.

We dont however play Tandem’s or Threeway Splits in MTL
Not given the size, depth and history of success that comes from that Dept’s Coaches/Management over the decades producing some of the best ever goalies.


MTL’s Former Goalie Guru and Carey Price’s longtime friend was saying Price will be back and is confident he’ll play. Couple that with the fact Primeau has no OS offered nor is he arbitration eligible but after we signed Montembault and Vrbetic it leaves the NHL out of his reach.

I think in order for Primeau to sign you gotta move Allen as a show of good faith.
Otherwise he could sit out as MTL isnt offering him a future and he’s played in Laval in a 3 goalie tandem before (technically 4 at one point) and he’s well over that.

MTL has been saying “you’re the guy” but not treating him that way.
If he’s anything like his dad he wont take that laying down


You’re ignoring the TDL last year and the fact we shopped him and couldnt get a 2nd or a 3rd rounder offered. NYR shopped Georgiev for years before finally accepting the low ball offer 3 later round picks over a 1st or 2nd rounder

For crying out loud Samsonov for years was projected to be Holtby’s replacement and WSH giving how old their core is panicked and sold him for a 2nd round pick so they could sign the reign cup winning Goalie to Start(impatient really)

Point is the goalie market isnt what you think it is
You’re ignoring ARZ held onto Kuemper for 2 years shopping him at the TDL before they could get a 1st round pick

That’s the cold hard Facts of the NHL and Goalie’s trade history
“The things you writing is purely speculation” that ignores fact including recent history

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