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Canadiens Logan Mailloux Making The Most Of His Summer In Montreal



Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux is making the most of his stay in Montreal as he continues to rehab his shoulder in preparation for the upcoming OHL season.

The former 2021 1st round pick has been staying in Montreal this summer at the behest of his agency in order to properly rehab his surgically repaired shoulder to better prepare for the upcoming season, but has also taken the opportunity to join the Canadiens at various points. During Friday’s LASSO Montreal event, Mailloux joined Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson as they went to hang out with Old Dominion and present them with Canadiens jerseys. It was a telling moment to see the Canadiens not only include Mailloux in a community event representing the Canadiens, but also the company he was with.

The London, Ontario connection cannot be undersold here, as London-native Nick Suzuki and former London Knight Josh Anderson, seen as two key members of the Canadiens’ leadership group moving forward, joined the young London Knight for this event. Suzuki and Anderson, who also decided to stick around Montreal for most of the summer, have been present in the community this summer and have attended many events.

This was not the first time we’ve seen Mailloux around the Montreal Canadiens organization or its players this summer, as Mailloux attended the Canadiens development camp in late July. He was able to hit the ice to work on his rehabilitation and partake in off-ice activities with the team’s top prospects as they continue to grow as a group and individuals. He not only engaged with other prospects, but was open and transparent with them about his experience during the camp’s Respect and Consent session. He also spoke to reporters for the first time since being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens last summer and owned all the criticism that had been thrown his way over the last year. It all looked like a cautiously optimistic step in the right direction at the time.

General Manager Kent Hughes had previously spoken about his desire to have Mailloux spend more time around the team while being in Montreal this summer and the youngster has done just that. It seems that things are moving in the right direction for the young man, and perhaps the London connection with Suzuki and Anderson can help him further integrate within the organization moving forward.

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Remember he didn’t want to be drafted. He didn’t think he deserved to be drafted. That to me is remorse.

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