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NHL Exec: ‘If The Habs Want Dubois Now, That Might Mean Dach’



NHL Trade

A week after Winnipeg Jets centre Pierre-Luc Dubois did his best to calm the NHL trade rumours that he wants to be traded to the Montreal Canadiens, they don’t seem to be simmering down at all.

This past Friday on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, co-host and Sportsnet NHL Insider painted the potential of Dubois getting moved to the Canadiens on the NHL trade market or on the free agent market in two years as almost inevitable.

“I think he told them, two years, then I’m going to test the market,” said Friedman regarding what he’s heard about the ongoing Dubois story in Winnipeg. “I’m with a lot of other people who said Montreal; I think that’s the most likely destination but like I tell people a lot can happen in two years, but we have to get from here to there.”

Then in a phone call with Montreal Hockey Now on Tuesday, an NHL executive source was asked what type of contract the Canadiens and restricted free agent centre Kirby Dach might agree on? It was also suggested that it would be a two-year contract. Not simply because of comparables like the two-year, $2.1M AAV contract that New York Rangers forward Kappo Kakko – who was drafted second overall at the 2019 NHL Draft, just one pick ahead of Dach –  just signed, but also because, as Friedman pointed out, Pierre-Luc Dubois is on record saying that he intends to test the unrestricted free agent market in two years. The thinking being that if Dach didn’t reach his potential under two seasons playing for Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis, then the Canadiens can free up cap space to sign Dubois. …if he’s not a Canadien by then.

“What if Dach isn’t a Canadien by then?” the source asked. “What if he’s what gets Dubois to Montreal. If the Habs want Dubois now, that might mean Dach.”

Back on July 15, The Athletic actually suggested that Kirby Dach could be an NHL trade piece going back in a Dubois to the Canadiens trade as well. Until Tuesday though, multiple inquiries by MHN to NHL sources had not indicated that Dach had become a key piece of any NHL trade return the Jets would want for Dubois. So does that suggestion above from an NHL Exec, who by the way has spoken to both Canadiens and Jets sources since July 15, mean things changed?

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Who writes this ?

Another useless article.
If Dubois wants into Montreal wait two year and get him for free.
Why make a trade ?
We aren’t expected to compete for a few years…we can get some more talent in the next two drafts.
Why waste picks and young talent now.
Stupidest ideas yet … GM has a few years to build .. you hoard assets now.
So far Habs GM has shown balls, but if he starts looking to spend assets for a players we don’t need for a few years and this player is signed to two years and wants in after, sit tight.
Idiot hockey writers are the last thing I’d listen to. This is another dude who gets paid 3 cents a word for writing pure drivel swill.


Not 3 cents a word, more like 1 dollar for every thousand page views.

John Playuh

Jimmy- the point he was making was that the notion of trading for Dubois now, when the team still needs to stink and would have to give up valuable picks to do so, is strategically unwise when we could wait 2 yrs and go after him then once we also have proper cap space.

What would be nice is to be able to draft either bedard or fantilli next yr, hope dach develops nicely over the next 2 yrs and then have the luxury of being able to sign Dubois if he also continues to improve and move dach for other holes we need to fill. If we had bedard dubois suzuki down the middle- with Caufield, slaf, Farrell and Roy on the wings? Look out.

The only other thing I would say is the other gentleman to whom you were responding could have been more tactful.

Curtis Ault

Cap space is an asset, a very important one in this current market. An asset the Canadiens do not currently possess much of and would due well to gain by sending player assets to Winnipeg in exchange for Dubois.


You do realize habs have a cap problem? Acquiring dubois for dach (who has yet to sign cuz of lack of cap room) would be impossible to fit unless price is traded too

Last edited 3 months ago by Habsnow

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