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Canadiens Paul Byron Helps Save Crash-Landed Pilot, Praises Real Hero



Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron, was involved in the rescue of a seaplane pilot who had just crashed in Lac des Sables, but showed some exceptional class in praising the real hero of the operation.

According to RDS, the Montreal Canadiens forward was on a fishing trip in the area on Saturday morning when he saw a plane crash in the lake. Everyone rushed to the scene to help the pilot, who was still trapped inside the plane. Thankfully the pilot was extracted from the crash, and first responders were quickly called.

When the news first broke out, the internet began praising Byron for his heroics in the rescue of the crash-landed pilot, but Byron took to social media to ensure that everyone knew who they actually needed to praise for the well-timed rescue mission.

The Canadiens forward did well to point out the quick action of good samaritan Serge Labelle, who happened to be jet skiing in the area and was the first person on the scene. It was a classy gesture by Byron, who sought to deflect the praise he was receiving and directing it to the right person. Paul Byron has always been viewed as a person of high character and a strong moral compass, and he once again proved it through his actions and his words this past weekend.

The Montreal Canadiens forward continues to rehab and work toward returning to the Canadiens’ lineup for the upcoming 2022-2023 season after having undergone a minor procedure this summer. After coming off a year plagued with surgery and injuries, Byron surely wants to move forward and be as healthy as he can be, being in the last year of his contract.

Although his availability for the start of camp is still unclear at this time, it is nice to see that he is able to get out and enjoy himself, all while helping people along the way.

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