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Montreal Canadiens Fans Meet Juraj Slafkosvky, Give Him Huge Ovation



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens fans in attendance had a great first encounter with Juraj Slafkovsky as he made his way through the crowd for an interview.

Freshly selected by the Montreal Canadiens at 1st overall, Juraj Slafkovsky was getting a feel of what’s to come, as the Bell Centre crowd gave the youngster a massive ovation when he came back to the draft floor. Slafkovsky’s ovation got even louder as the fans realized that he was coming up through the stands in order to get to the TVA Sports press booth for a post-draft interview. Slafkovsky didn’t shy away from the intensity of the crowd, as he engaged with fans and shook some hands on his way to the booth.

The Bell Centre faithful continued to chant his name even when he was in the seat doing an interview with TVA Sports. They showered the young man with their famous “Ole, Ole Ole” chants that rivaled the atmosphere of some of the most emotional playoff games. Needless to say, the Montreal Canadiens fans have gotten over their initial shock and are now in full party mode.

Ironically, not an hour before, Slafkovsky made a joke that he was going to try and win over the respect and adoration of the Montreal Canadiens fans over time.

“I think hockey’s their passion, as well as mine. Maybe some of them don’t like me, but I’ll do everything I can for this team and maybe someday they’ll like me,” said Slafkovsky after being booed by some fans on the NHL’s red carpet.

It doesn’t seem like it took any time at all for the Canadiens fans to like the young man. Needless to say, the Montreal Canadiens faithful are ready to embrace Slafkovsky with the club, as they celebrated with him the instant that he was visible on the draft floor.

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