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Talk Of Top Picks Being Moved At 2022 NHL Draft, A First In 14 Years?



NHL Draft

The 2022 NHL Draft is shaping up to be a volatile one where multiple Top-10, possibly even Top-5 picks, could be moved.

NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman joined the good folks on the After The Whistle podcast to discuss what he’s heard regarding trade talks leading up to the 2022 NHL Draft. In Friedman’s estimation, there is potential to see a lot of movement, and, for the first time in 14 years, it may happen within the Top-5 of an NHL Draft.

“I do think there’s going to be stuff going on, I do,” said Friedman about the activity at the 2022 NHL Draft. “I think Arizona is going to try and get another high pick. I wonder about Columbus trying to move up.”

Columbus does have the potential to make some noise, as they own the 6th and 12th overall picks, which gives them more than enough firepower to jump into the Top-5. Arizona also has a considerable amount of assets needed to move up, with seven picks in the first two rounds.

Friedman was asked whether or not the Montreal Canadiens would consider moving the 1st overall pick, seeing as there is a lack of consensus and the player they like could be available later on. The knowledgeable insider seemed to immediately shoot the notion down, hinting that it would take a substantial offer to remove the luxury of choice from general manager Kent Hughes.

“I have wondered about that. I think that only happens if you get a great deal,” said Friedman on the possibility of Montreal Trading the 1st overall pick. “I think you need a fantastic deal to do that or a guarantee that you’re getting the player you want.”

A team Friedman believes is firmly dangling their Top-5 pick is New Jersey. Friedman believes this could be the first top-5 pick to move since the 2008 NHL Draft to be traded leading up to a draft. The 08′ draft saw the Toronto Maple Leafs jump from 7th overall to 5th overall to select Luke Schenn. However, similarly to Montreal, Friedman doesn’t think the Devils are simply going to give the pick away.

“They’re definitely interested in it, but you have to give a player that makes sense to move at No. 2,” said Friedman on the possibility of the 2nd overall pick being moved. “You have to give a player that you know you have team control over for a long time. What that says to me is that New Jersey wants to win this year.”

With teams like the Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers looking to make moves to improve their roster for this upcoming season, there could be a lot of volatility in this draft leading up to July 7.


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