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Interesting Trade Idea With Arizona For 1st Pick In 2022 NHL Draft



NHL Draft

The Montreal Canadiens should not move the first overall pick in the 2022 NHL Draft unless it’s an offer they can’t refuse.

On the most recent episode of the always fascinating 32 Thoughts Podcast, host Jeff Marek brought forth an interesting proposal to co-host Elliotte Friedman that would make any general manager stop and think.

“If you’re the Montreal Canadiens, and I know you’re hosting the draft. If the Arizona Coyotes come to you and say ‘We will give you our No. 3 overall pick and our first-rounder next season in exchange for the 2022 first overall pick,’ what do you say?” asked Jeff Marek.

The Coyotes are not looking to improve significantly for next season and will likely be a bottom-five team yet again next season. To offer the Canadiens their 1st round pick for next season, effectively giving them a legit shot at Connor Bedard, Matvei Mitchkov or Adam Fantilli, just to move up two spots is effectively overkill. Kent Hughes would be crazy not to want to accept such a deal, and Friedman rightfully shot down this possibility as soon as he heard it.

“Oh my god! You can’t even do that if you’re Arizona,” said Friedman in outrage. “If I’m Montreal, I do it. I don’t even think that offer gets made; no chance!”


Would Hughes Actually Trade The 1st Pick In The 2022 NHL Draft?

Although he was very excited about the possibility of picking first overall in Montreal, Hughes also mentioned that he would still entertain discussions for the 1st overall pick, should a team blow them away with an offer.  Hughes cautioned against going into the NHL Draft with a closed mind, preferring to keep his options open.

“You’re always better off listening to what people say. At the moment, I can’t tell you that it’s not something we would entertain,” said Hughes about the possibility of trading the 1st overall pick. “If we get calls for the pick we’ll listen, but it’s not in our plans to trade this pick.”

That being said, it would take a monumental offer not to see the Montreal Canadiens pick 1st overall at the upcoming 2022 NHL Draft. Hughes is very excited at the idea of adding a cornerstone piece for his franchise moving forward and is now headed to Helsinki to put the finishing touches on his NHL Draft board.



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I say keep your pick, Shane Wright is a good player he got size he can score plus he want to win he has leadership, he a nice all around pick for Montreal


If he doesn’t speak French , he ain’t going to Montreal.


if they get an offer from Arizona for the 3rd this year and Arizonas first round next year not top 10 protected done deal would be stupid not to there is not enough of a gap between the top three this year not to and almost a garenteed star maybe 2 for next year

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