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Gary Bettman’s Priceless Reaction To 2022 NHL Draft Lottery



Montreal Canadiens

As is customary during the NHL Draft process, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman oversaw the independent draw for each lottery, and his reaction to Montreal winning was priceless.

The NHL Draft Lottery was a nerve-wracking but fruitful experience for the Montreal Canadiens, who won the 1st overall pick in the 2022 Draft on Tuesday night. The Canadiens walked into the NHL Draft Lottery with an 18.5% chance of winning the lottery and a 25.5% chance of walking out with the 1st overall pick; which are the best odds a last-place team has had in the NHL Draft Lottery since it’s inception. With the 2022 Draft set to take place in Montreal to boot, the stars were aligned to allow the Canadiens to land the first overall pick for the first time since the 1980 Draft, where they selected Doug Wickenheiser 1st overall.

The Draft Lottery took place a few hours before the selection order was announced on Tuesday evening, with the NHL releasing a recording of the whole process to display full transparency in the lottery process. Bettman oversaw the entire process and his reaction to the outcome was amazing.

“My oh my. Montreal. Ok,” said a shocked Bettman when the lottery winner was announced to him. ” Montreal will have the first selection in the 2022 NHL Draft.”

Gary Bettman’s look of shock and confusion is a great moment for all Canadiens fans to behold, and we have found a clip of this exact moment below for your viewing pleasure.

The Montreal Canadiens will now have the great honour of picking 1st in the 2022 Draft and could select top players like Shane Wright, Juraj Slafkovsky or Logan Cooley to join their ranks as Kent Hughes’ roster transformation continues. Whomever they chose on July 7 in Montreal when they go to the podium to speak, it’ll be a big moment for the franchise and its fans.

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