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Canadiens Fans Say Goodbye To Guy Lafleur With Legendary Ovation



Guy Lafleur

The Montreal Canadiens faithful honoured Guy Lafleur on Sunday night, and they did it in style by giving him a 10 minutes ovation.

During warm-up, all the Canadiens players came out without helmets, wearing No. 10 patches on their jerseys. Immediately you could notice that all the adverstisements that are normally around the boards were replaced with banners commemorating Lafleur; an extremely classy move by the organization. The night was truly about Guy.

The Montreal Canadiens started out their ceremony coming out to nothing but silence, opting to come out without the sound of Coldplay’s Fix You to commemorate the memory of Guy Lafleur. This set the tone right away for the rest of what would be a memorable pre-game ceremony for the Dรฉmon Blond.


As the crowd started to cheer, the Montreal Canadiens, as they always do, presented the most amazing tribute for their fallen legend, and if you watched this or do watch it now and aren’t moved, well then check yourself for pulse or a soul:

After that they shone a single light on the rafters to highlight Guy Lafleur’s retired No. 10 at the top of the Bell Center, and the crowd began an ovation that will go down as one of theย  most passionate in the history of the organization.

Bell Center announcer Michel Lacroix attempted to regain order by the six-minute mark, but was met with even more cheers. The fans even started an Ole Ole Ole chant to voice their intent to continue showing their appreciation for the fallen legend.

Michel Lacroix tried to bring things to order again around the eight-minute mark, but the Canadiens crowd got even louder than at any point in the evening, objecting loudly to the cutting short of their tribute to the Flower.



Finally, after the 10-minute mark, 30 minutes after the game was initially supposed to start, the Bell Centre subsided their ovation to allow the game to commence, but they made sure to include a “Guy,Guy,Guy” chant at every commercial break. This ovation was a legendary moment for a legendary player that outranked all of the memorable ovations, and there have been many, that have taken place at the Bell Centre. It was a fitting tribute for a man that gave his body and soul for an organization, a peoples and the love of the game of hockey.

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