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Gallagher Ready To Help Canadiens Down The Stretch



Montreal Canadiens

Brendan Gallagher will return to the Montreal Canadiens lineup Tuesday when the Habs host the Ottawa Senators and the 29-year-old veteran leader is hoping to make the best out of the final 13 games of the season if he can stay healthy. The Montreal Canadiens had their team photos taken after practice Monday but the 2021-22 season hasn’t exactly been a season to remember through photos or at all. That being said, not all has been lost and Gallagher is doing his best to find a silver lining.

“We’ve been through a lot, that’s for sure,” Gallagher replied Monday when asked about, what has to say the least, been a trying season for him and his teammates. “I think going forward in all our careers here, there’s been a lot bad. …some good recently, that you’re gonna have to take and learn from going forward. So, you’re gonna have years like that, but you get together here for these pictures and it’s nice to have. So this team will. …there’s a lot of memories. We won’t be playing in the playoffs or anything like that but we’ve been through a lot together and we’ve grown as a group and going forward, I think it’s going to be important for all of us to use that.”

After missing the last eight games and 26 overall with a lower-body injury, there’s no doubt that Brendan Gallagher, who has five goals and nine assists in 43 games, is ready to move on from maybe the most frustrating season of his career. However, he’s also not about to throw the towel in. Instead, Gallagher is hoping that he can help his younger teammates and himself build momentum down the stretch run and into next season. Head coach Martin St. Louis has brought a winning spirit and fun back to the Canadiens’ dressing room and culture and Gallagher wants to be part of that.

“I want to win some hockey games,” Gallagher said bluntly Monday. “I want to get back in the lineup and help the team win. My focus as a hockey player has never changed. Obviously, you talk about learning and I learned a lot about myself this year. It’s been a tough year but I don’t doubt myself or anything like that. I still feel like i’m the same player I was but I just. …for whatever reason. …the short summer. …I just haven’t been able to stay healthy. So I need a summer to build my body back up here but I’m looking forward to just getting back into the lineup to just winning some hockey games and helping my teammates.”





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