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Jordan Harris to Make His Montreal Canadiens Debut Saturday



Montreal Canadiens

The newest member of the Montreal Canadiens, Jordan Harris, is set to make his debut Saturday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The 22-year-old rookie recently signed a two-year entry-level contract with the Montreal Canadiens last Saturday, and is now primed to realize his dream of playing in the NHL. Harris was a 3rd pick of the Montreal Canadiens back in 2018 and has many fans excited at the prospect of playing for the Habs due to his puck-moving abilities, attributes the Montreal Canadiens have lacked on their back end for some time.

The scouting report on Jordan Harris is that he plays a very intelligent game on the ice, predicated on smart decision-making and a high-tempo pace focused on quick transitions. Despite his very intense and fast style on the ice, he’s as cool as a cucumber when the games get tighter. His coaches at Northeastern believe that he will impress Montreal Canadiens fans with that calmness and his ability to recoup loose pucks for quick transitions.

“He’s going to be a puck-moving defenceman. He’ll help a great deal with defensive zone breakouts, he’s going to help in transition and when in the offensive zone, he’s going to contribute to the generation of offence,” said Northeastern University’s director of athletics Jim Madigan on Harris’ style of play. “He’s got the skillset to be a real good puck-moving defenceman.”

They expect Harris’ calm and relaxed demeanour to help him in his transition to the pros, helping to keep him grounded, soak up the experience and prepare him to become a better pro down the line.

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“His confidence in his abilities, that quiet confidence, help him elevate his game in crucial moments,” said Madigan of Harris’ ability to step up for big games. “He works on his game, and he prepares. Confidence comes from preparation, and Jordan prepares for everything, which drives his confidence. He’s a balanced player, even when great things happen to him; never too high and never too low. That allows him to be relaxed during big games.”


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