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Bergevin Part II: Feels the Heat, ‘We’re Not in Sync’



Montreal Canadiens, Marc-Bergevin, Shea Weber

While the Montreal Canadiens were searching for answers at practice in Brossard, General Manager Marc Bergevin thought it would be a good time to answer questions in an impromptu press conference.

Maybe he’s trying to take some bullets or at the very least take some of the focus off the players and coaches. But stumbling out of the starting blocks, the weight of the city is hanging over the team, and he knows it.

“Montreal is a different market, a special market, and as we know, sometimes tension is higher than it should be,” said Bergevin. “I think as the hockey boss, I’m here to show my support for the team and my concern, but I believe the answer is within.”

The “hockey boss” is watching his team get off the worst start of his tenure and one of the worst in the team’s history. Montreal has typically gotten off to strong starts; however, they’re still searching for their first win heading into game five Thursday night.

The Montreal Canadiens find themselves trying to pick up the pieces, losing their best centre Phil Danault in free agency, their captain Shea Weber to injury (likely career-ending), and their MVP goaltender Carey Price who entered the NHL’s player assistance program.

Despite the four-game losing streak, don’t expect the Canadiens to make a move out of desperation.

“To make a change to make a change… I do like our team. There are some pretty good hockey players downstairs,” said Bergevin. “They’re not playing up to potential, and until they do, there’s nothing I’m going to do, to make a change just to make a change.”

Bergevin’s contract status will only become a bigger story with the team underperforming and players not playing to their potential. Already far from unanimous with fans, a challenging season in the last year of his contract will be a massive distraction.

When asked if he’d like to be back season as the GM of the team…

“In a perfect world, yeah.”

Much like the Canadiens right now, the world is far from perfect.